Chapter 39: Lauryn

The end of the day finally rolls around and I pack up my stuff to leave and go to the penthouse.  Making sure I have the elevator key, I shut my door and walk to the parking garage.  On the way, I notice Janet standing in the lobby and decide to ask if I can give her a lift anywhere.  After all, I do have an hour before I have to be at the penthouse.

"Hey, do you need a ride?  I'm on my way out anyways?"  I stand there smiling, figuring that I would give her one more chance.  I know that he didn't give her an option, and she really needed the money.

"Girl, I didn't think you would ever talk to me again after that.  Mr. Denver didn't give me a choice.  When he offered I had to take it.  My rent was due and I didn't have it."  She starts to laugh and then thinks twice about it.

"Well, let's say that I am a forgiving person to a point."  

She immediately frowns.  "I am really sorry.  I

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