Chapter 42: Darren

I walk in with lunch for Lauryn when I see her crying on Janet's shoulder.  Not knowing what the fuck is going on, I demand answers.  "What happened?  Are you alright?"

She looks up at me with red tear stained eyes and I know that there is something really wrong.  Motioning for Janet to get out, I wait for her to move and then shut the door.  Standing next to Lauryn's desk, I feel clueless when she won't tell me what is going on.  Instead, she just starts crying again. 

Shaking my head, I bend down and pick her up in my arms, letting her head fall on my shoulder.  Sitting down, I hold her for several minutes quietly, trying to figure out what has happened.  Eventually she stops crying and looks me dead in the eyes, but doesn't say anything.

I gaze into those sad and lonely eyes, not knowing what to do for a while until she finally tells me.  "Jaiden visited me today and you two have a daughter together. 

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