37: The life of witches


 "So who recognised her". Gudrun asks curiously after Soleil has gone to bed.

 "No one". I say thoughtfully. "Not the vaetter from the earth and stones, nor the ones from the water had connections to her. And no one among the dísir either".

 Marta and Gudrun look worriedly at each other. And Marta says. "We have been reading in the old books while you were gone. There are stories in there about vǫlur getting help from a thurse and stories of storms that made ships sink and fog that made warriors lose their way. I found nothing in our own scripts… and I didn't find anything about the dark one".

 "I remembered that the Malleus Maleficarum has some chapters about witches creating storms. But none of them had anything usable or true for that matter. I tried looking for something that fits with what Soleil told about the da

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