40: An audience with king Lefu


 It is a normal Friday night in the Grotto, Well it is until one of the royals suddenly stands beside me and Mark. She looks at us, her face void of emotions. "Hi Mark, can I borrow your friend for a moment ?"

 "Sure Celine". Mark answers and quickly disappears.

 "Follow me". The beautiful vamp queen says and turns, walking away.

 All my friends stare after me as I hesitantly follow her. When we reach the infamous stair Celine stops. "In a moment you will follow me up there. You will be discrete and you won't speak unless spoken to. Whatever happens you are not to tell anyone what happens up there. Got it ?"

 I nod, feeling totally speechless.

 "Follow me". Celine says, walking up the stairs. I can't believe this. I am really on my way to the balcony. I mean I

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