69: One pissed of vampire

 *The vampire*

 I slam my fist into the mahogany table. "What the hell do you mean that you can't find her ?" I hiss into the phone. "I assigned you one job and I expect you to do that".

 The voice rattles of some stupid excuse.

 "Just get it done". I yell and cut off the call. Closing my eyes I grind my teeth, breathing in slowly through the nose.

 There is still no sign of my girl. For a whole month I have patiently waited and watched her house, but she is impossible to track when she has no scent. In my desperation I have made a mistake… a huge mistake. Getting someone else involved in my hunt for her isn't just categorically stupid, but potential suicide. Rule number one is to never trust anyone, especially not the clan. There is always that little brown nosing idiot that wants to climb the ladder and Wupti I got Strano nosing ab

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