Chapter 110 - A glimpse of the World

“ Are you sure this is okay?” I asked Thorne when I asked him if I can show how entangling two soul works to the Gibbous twin.

He smiles and nodded. “ Yeah, I guess?” he replied in unsure tone which only makes me snorted. I don’t have anyone to asked since Beta Xander is completely out of this world.

And by out of this world, I didn’t mean that he is dead or he hasn’t come back but it felt that way. He found himself a new hobby, flirting and fucking servants, wolves and strangers. It’s like he’s been enchanted to ruin his life and as much as we want to help him, he doesn’t want our help.

I just wishes that he won’t knocked up one of those girls or his fate will be ruined.

“ Is there a chance that I can know about his mate?” I asked Thorne while we both look at Beta Xander who’s completely flirting with one of the servants.

Both of my brother is completely residing i

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