Chapter twenty-one

It's been eleven months since Andrea and Alpha Bryan married. And it's been eleven months since Alpha Bryan kept his distance from his mistress who always tried to make a way to him. He was a Casanova before, but there was something in him, he didn't want to cheat on his wife, although he can't do anything but to accept the woman's condition who is trying to blackmail him.

The only solution he could find was to go out in his pack and gather in social events of every pack. He only faced his mistress once in three months and talked with her for only ten minutes. He didn't let his mistress make a move with him, even steal a kiss on his lips. The rule he set for himself when he was Casanova was not let someone someone repeat stole a kiss from him, and that rule was also applied to his mistress.

One kiss is enough, but that rule doesn't apply to his mate, to his wife. Every time he sneaks into their room every night, he steals a kiss from her while Andrea is sle
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