Chapter twenty-seven

Alpha Bryan was caught off guard. He didn't expect that his mistress would aggressively kiss him. He immediately pushed her away and wiped his lips.

"What? You don't like it?" his mistress asked while grinning at him. "Wait, I'll get you some water," she said, and she went to her kitchen to get some water for Alpha Bryan. Alpha Bryan was about to stop her, but she let her get some water for him before he would say something. In the kitchen, the mistress put a sleeping powder to his water.

I'll make sure my plan will be successful this coming full moon. The mistress thought, and she brought the glass of water to Alpha Bryan. After she gave it to him, the mistress watched him drinking the water with sleeping powder that she mixed with it. She grinned.

After Alpha Bryan drank the whole glass of water, looked at her seriously. He decided to face the truth and not to run away from his problems anymore.


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