Chapter sixty-eight

Meanwhile, in the North pack, Lorry was inside the hospital. Alpha Franklin was visiting her everyday, and when he was out, he put a dozen of his men to guard Lorry.

When he saw Lorry last in the prison bleeding, he lost his anger to her, and was filled with fear. He felt his heart was aching in pain. Before he saw Lorry, he couldn't stay in his office, and felt bothered by something. Then he realized that his two feet dragged him to Lorry's prison, and he saw her full of blood. He saw a werewolf wearing a cloak with stains of blood, but he couldn't pursue it because he was trembling and approaching Lorry who was slowly losing her life.

"Lorry! Please don't die!" Alpha Franklin said while his voice was trembling. He doesn't know what to do. He immediately got the key from his pocket to release Lorry from the chains, and he immediately brought Lorry to the nearby hospital.

It was his first time to feel scared in his entire life. After all, Lorry
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