Chapter 11: Embracing it

Elma's POV

"How are you? You scared me." Caitlyn rushed towards me; she was reluctant to hug or maintain curtsy since we were standing around the royalties.

My heart beats staggered. Familiar warmth came from her that reminded me of my dad. I smiled and held her hands in mine, squeezing them. She was in tears, forcing a smile.

"I am fine, Caitlyn. Thanks to Mr. White. He saved me." I said and regretted it when she panicked.

"Saved? What happened? I want to know about it. And thank you Mister for keeping my lady safe." Caitlyn said to Robert, bowing slightly.

Robert was flustered. He looked nervous and I just smiled at him to let him know it will be okay.

Soon, a towel was wrapped around me and we headed upstairs when Alexander came to greet me.

"Elma! I am glad you came back safely. Was this the man who saved you?" He asked and I nodded.

He nodded and smiled at Robert who seemed to pass out any minute.


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