Everlasting Love

Everlasting Love

By:  Francois Keyser  Completed
Language: English
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"You'll know her when you see her." Lark realizes what his father meant the night he meets Erin. The most beautiful girl he has ever seen in his life. It is love at first sight and Lark knows he wants to marry Erin who has captured his heart. But Erin's father has other plans for his daughter. He will not allow her to marry a commoner such as Lark and he warns Lark to stay away. When Erin's father discovers that Erin and Lark have ignored him, he resorts to harsher measures and Lark finds himself cursed to live forever seeking Erin in every life she lives. The only way the curse can be broken is with a kiss from Erin but the curse itself makes it a near impossibility for Lark to get close to Erin in this life or the next let alone get her to kiss him. Lark eventually gives up and resigns himself to a life without Erin but the universe will not be thwarted and no-one gets to turn their back on a curse. Centuries later, Lark meets a girl he believes is Erin reincarnated. The woman he believes is Erin knows part of his secret and fools him into accepting her as Erin reincarnated. She has her own goals and they do not involve love. Will Lark discover the truth and will fate bring him the real Erin reincarnated? Will they be together at last and will they survive the challenges thrown at them again even if they can finally beat the curse and be together?

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34 Chapters
Chapter 1
“When you see her, you’ll know…”The words of his father echoed in his mind when he saw her.Her long blonde locks curled down the side of her face and her blue eyes held him captivated the instant they met his. Her button nose and cheeks were sprinkled with freckles and her sparkling smile ended in dimples. She carried herself well, like royalty even though she was common born. Her posture was straight, regal even as she moved and greeted the guests.Her eyes lingered when they met his and he knew in that instant she had seen him and was assessing him. Her gaze moved on beyond his but the slightest hesitation had been all it took. Her gaze had returned and met his again. He had smiled at her and she had smiled too.He knew in that instant she would be open to speaking to him and was sure she liked what she had seen despite her knowing that he was beyond her. Or rather, she was beyond him.He was just a lowly boy who had ma
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Chapter 2
Some people believe in fate. Some call it destiny. Some like to believe that we have no control over it while others seem to believe we all create our destiny. These were the questions Lark would ask himself many years later as he regretted the events set in motion that night. The events of one night created a path into the future, centuries ahead.Lark thought he had made it. He thought he had not been seen when he left his place behind the tree and headed for the exit. The night was a success in every way he thought. And he had ended it on a high note with a kiss he could never have imagined getting from a girl he swore he would marry. He wanted to see her again before he left but he doubted it would be possible. How and when he would see her again he did not know but he knew he would make every effort to do so.Lark really believed though that he was free and clear and so when he was suddenly stopped at the main door by a guard, he was surprised. He wondered immedia
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Chapter 3
If it is true and destiny does indeed exist, we seldom see destiny at play until we look over the past. And often at that point, it is much too late.Lark could not know he had started his destiny that night. Was it mapped for him or did he create it? That was the question he would ask himself through the centuries that followed as he lived one long, cursed life. He would wonder about the question and its answer as Erin paraded through his one life with her many lives, one after another. In each of those lives, he would try to let her say the three words he needed to hear, “I love you.”And he would try to have her kiss him. Truly kiss him, because she truly loved him. That was the only way he would be free. The only way Erin and a few others would ever be free. And over the years he would come to wonder if he still loved her or if she had simply become a means to an end. Lark escaped from the castle unscathed. He thanked the gods for h
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Chapter 4
Lark was appointed to work at the castle. He had not doubted he would be successful. He returned home to give his mother the good news. He would start the next day and he asked her to cut his long hair so that he would look different.His short hair made him look even younger and without a doubt more handsome. He looked different too, which was primarily what he had intended. He had been employed as a butler and would first be trained before being considered a member of the household but he was a fast learner.The next morning, he packed his few belongings in a backpack which he slung over his shoulder. He left early and hugged his tearful mother. He might see her once a week on his day off now. The rest of the time he would be at the castle where he would live as an employee.He set out on the road and arrived at the castle an hour and a half later. He presented himself to the guard at the gate who let him in after confirming he was due to start work.La
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Chapter 5
Lark found Lance a short while later.“How did it go?” Lance asked.“Great. I think I have a good understanding of the layout of the castle. I walked it a few times so I can remember where what is.”“Good,” Lance replied. “It’s late so I guess you can go back to your quarters and rest. Don’t get too comfortable. I’m just too busy today to supervise you for your next training. You’ll be much busier in the days ahead.”“Well, what is my next training?” Lark asked.“Table setting, serving, pouring wine, where to stand during meals.”“Well, if you want, we can do it tonight in our quarters. It will help me learn quicker and get my training done sooner. Then you won’t have to worry about having time to supervise me during the day when you’re learning yourself.”“That’s a good idea,” Lance agreed. “
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Chapter 6
Eugene crossed to the window and looked down at the garden. He had a suspicion about Erin. He was sure she had been in the garden with someone but she had told him she was talking to herself when he had asked her.Had she been telling the truth? Was she secretly seeing someone? If she was, it had to be one of the household staff. A servant. He would not let her drag the family’s name through the mud for her childish, immature impulses and crushes.He decided to have her watched even as he thought he saw some movement down in the gardens in the shadows. As his eyes followed the shadow, he saw it separate from the other shadows in the garden and disappear behind the far corner of the castle. She had been with someone. He sighed as he changed into his pajamas and crawled into bed.An idea hatched in his mind. He had heard of it a few years before and had discounted it then as just a legend but now it seemed that it would be a most appropriate course
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Chapter 7
They entered the woods a little over an hour after leaving the castle. Eugene directed the soldiers to follow a specific path until they finally reached a rundown cabin in a clearing. Smoke puffed from the cabin’s chimney and Eugene ordered the riders to halt. He dismounted his horse and called out.“Keller!”Silence reigned in the clearing around them. Then the cabin door opened and a small man stood silhouetted against the light from within. The man’s hair appeared silver in the light from the cabin and hung down the sides of his face. He had a hat that sat askew on his head. It looked ridiculous but he seemed not to notice or care. He left the cabin and stepped out onto the porch.“Eugene? Is it you?” he called in disbelief.“Keller,” Eugene said as he walked forward and climbed the steps up to the porch where he stopped. He offered his hand and Keller took it. They shook hands briefly before Eugene pulle
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Chapter 8
“So what did the witch say?” Eugene said when Keller at last arrived back at his cabin.“She will see you,” Keller said.“Great. So which way do I go?”“Follow the path,” Keller said. “You can’t miss it. The path leads straight to the cabin.”“You mean that this path only leads to the witch’s place? What are you? The witch’s guardian?”“We have worked together often enough but I am not her guardian. What witch needs a guardian?”Eugene studied Keller looking for signs of deceit but he couldn’t see any.“Very well then,” he said tossing a few coins on the dinner table. “Thank you. If I have success, I shall pay you more.”“I’ll believe that when I see it,” Keller scoffed.“Don’t be so pessimistic Keller. Surely there will be success. She is your friend after all,
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Chapter 9
Eugene thought of Lark and Erin as he rode into the woods again. He had warned Erin to stay away from the boy and he had warned the boy too. But they believed they were smarter than him. They believed they could sneak behind his back in the gardens late at night and that he was none the wiser.Well, they were about to learn otherwise. She would learn that when he told her to do something she would listen and do as she was told. Erin would understand that he would do the same to anyone else she chose to be with if he did not grant his permission. She would understand her options clearly.He had come with fewer guards this time. There was no danger here he believed. Who was going to try to challenge a witch he wondered to himself?They reached Keller’s cabin and brought their horses to a halt. Eugene dismounted and knocked on the cabin door. He didn’t wait for an answer but opened the door and entered.Keller looked over his shoulder from the fi
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Chapter 10
Erin and Lark had chosen a room in a secret passage for their date for the evening. Everyone thought they were asleep. Torches burned in sconces in the walls and they sat on blankets Lark had managed to sneak from the laundry room.They snacked on bread, cheese, and wine as they enjoyed themselves.“What would your father do if I asked him for your hand in marriage?” Lark asked.Erin laughed, “You know what he told you before. First, he will inquire how you managed to get into the castle, and then he will have you thrown out or worse, into the dungeons.”“I am being serious,” Lark said.“And so am I,” Erin replied. “What makes you think he will change his mind?”“I don’t know. But if we see him together, perhaps he will understand,” Lark persisted.Erin shook her head. “You do not know my father. We are commoners just like you. But father has worked ha
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