Good to be back

Claire (For the rest of the book)

I was floating; I couldn't see, I couldn't feel, just floating. Where am I? Who... who am I? Would I be able to see again? Would I be able to... I saw a light, it was small but it was all I needed.

I was staring at a ceiling, feeling so lost, I couldn't move. Then it came flooding... all my memories, everything.

I could remember my childhood with my parents, the joy I felt when I heard my mom was pregnant after I was an only child for ten years, the sadness and loneliness I felt when my Dad left, then having to deal with Frank's abuse, mom dying and Dad coming back... Everything after that, including how I disliked Abigail, meeting my Aunt and Cousin, encountering Frank in the old house where he could have harmed me if Nicholas wasn't there.

There were bits that didn't add up, but then I could remember how I discovered my psychic abilities when I read my mom's dairy and got transported to the past, I al

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