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Mia lost her father at a young age due to a grave accident,although heartbroken,she soon comes to terms with it and decides to live a happy life with her mom who always works hard to make her happy. Her mom Kate soon meets a man whom she falls deeply in love with and they get married without any consent from both their children. That’s right,Mia’s stepdad Max also has a child of his own,a son who is a year older than Mia. Although reluctant and offended at the thought of having a new family,Mia accepts eventually all for the sake of her mom’s happiness and after meeting her stepbrother Josh,she is instantly smitten by him. Will Mia be able to handle living with Josh in the same house? Will Josh fall for his stepsister? Will Mia consider the fact that Josh is family or will she succumb to her feelings? Read this story to find out.

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Mercy Ashquill
As soon as I started reading this, I was completely hooked from page one. keep it up...️
2024-01-03 01:25:29
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“You’re kidding right?”“Does it look like I’m kidding?”“You can’t be serious. How can you just tell me this and think I’ll accept it so easily? I do not have a father neither do I have a brother,I will never accept them.”“You have no choice than to accept them Mia. They’re coming over to take us out for dinner tonight and you’ll behave yourself,do you understand me young lady?” I scoff and storm off to my room making sure to slam the door shut.I cannot believe my mom,she just woke up one morning and decided to get married to someone I don’t know and have never met…okay maybe I’ve met him a couple of times but that’s about it.She had travelled few weeks back saying she had some work and came back this morning,deciding this evening to tell me about her marriage to that man.I know the man a bit,he’s Max Banks a man whom my mom started dating two months ago and apparently is now my new dad.I’m so sure the man’s son must be just as shocked as i am, or maybe he already knew about thi
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We walk into the restaurant and the waiter immediately shows us our table. This restaurant is very fancy proving how wealthy Mr Banks is.We sit down and I stare around waiting for my stepbrother to pop out from his hiding spot.I don’t know why but for some reason,I am really eager to see my new brother.“I’m so sorry he’s…” Max gets interrupted.“Heyy guys.” I hear a deep voice say and we all snap our heads towards the direction the voice came from.“Why are you just arriving?” Max half yells as mom says some things to him but I can’t hear any of it as I stare at the god in front of me.Perfectly chiseled jaw,brown hair like mine that is neatly styled,fine skin,pointy nose,ocean blue eyes and lips so pink and luscious tempting me oh so badly to kiss them.He moves his mouth and I catch a glimpse of his white teeth. He’s putting on a white shirt with two of its buttons undone and a black trouser.My eyes moves to his shaft and I’m ever so sure that it’s huge. My eyes moves back to his
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Josh,being a gentle man opens the passenger’s door for me and I get in. He then walks over to his side of the car and gets in too.“So Mia,did you enjoy the dinner?”“The food was incredibly delicious I must say.”“Any other thing?”‘Yea of course,you had such an effect on me that I’m in the mood to fuck you right here right now and forget the fact that you’re my stepbrother.’But of course,I didn’t say that out loud.“Nope, our parents were talking about irrelevant things which was definitely not fun.” I tell him as he starts the car chuckling.“And me? Wasn’t I fun?” “Not a bit.” “Ouch that stings.” He touches his chest with his free hand and I smile before staring at him.“You love staring at me don’t you?” “Huh?” I fame innocence and tear my gaze away.“I like it tho.” He smirks and I am a bit shocked.He likes it? Does that mean that he feels the same way I do?“We’re going to have a lot of fun together don’t you think?”Yes of course I do, you tasting my juices,pleasuring my c
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“We..shouldn’t be…doing this.” I stutter and Josh’s lips leave my bud almost immediately.He moves a distance away from me and stares at my face before facepalming himself.“Fuck! I’ll leave now.” He quickly unlocks the door and leaves the room.I don’t want what he was doing to me to end, yes he’s my stepbrother but he had just made me so damn horny and now I’m starting to regret the fact that I said those things which made him leave.Why did I say it? Did I think he’ll shush me and continue? Is it because i didn’t expect him to leave?I sigh and remove my panty before heading over to my bathroom filling up the bathtub with water and once it’s half full, I get in.I sit in for a little while but it doesn’t help my throbbing pussy. I then switch on the tap and move closer to it letting the warm water flow against my core relieving me.I stop after some time and take my bath before leaving and changing into my night clothes. I lay on my bed and soon,I fall asleep.*****“Good morning mo
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“Mia,Josh are you in there?” I hear mom ask outside my door making me open my eyes and Josh immediately removes his had from my face before standing up from the bed.“Yes mom we are.” I reply and gulp down nothing as i look at Josh. Mom opens the door and walks in with a worried look on her face.“Don’t worry mom,i’ve agreed.”“What? Are you serious? OMG Josh you’re the best.” Mom literally squeals and hugs Josh,kissing him on the forehead.“Oh my gosh. Mom!” I facepalm myself,forcing myself not to laugh at her behaviour.“Mia thank you so much for listening to Josh. I love you, i love you both.”. Mom says and hugs us both before happily walking out of the room.“Your mom is really something.” Josh chuckles.“I know right.” I chuckle as well.We both stop chuckling and Josh stares at me so intently that i feel like there’s something on my face.“Is th..” I get interrupted by the buzzing of my phone.I pick it off the bed and stare at it to see my best friend Lily calling. I then look u
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I hurriedly head to my room and wash my face before picking out a pink off shoulder crop top with blue cargo pants and putting it on. I put a little lip gloss on my lips,style my hair nicely,put on my shoes and pick out a little bag before exiting my room and walking downstairs.“Let’s go.” I tell Josh excitedly and we head to the car.Josh pulls up in front of a magnificent house and i am stunned. Why should i be though? I mean a billionaire kid gotta have rich friends.“You just love staring huh?” I hear Josh’s chuckle and i glare at him briefly before exiting the vehicle.“Hey i didn’t mean to offend you.” He raises his hands in the air making me smile.“Thought you were going out with your friends?” I fold my arms and raise my eyebrows.“Umm yea,change of plans.” He scratches the back of his head.I just shake my head and walk towards the building with Josh trailing behind me. I get to the door and proceed to knock on it when it swings open making me flinch.“Don’t get scared,it r
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Josh ignores us,pinning Lucy against a wall and makes a motion as if to strangle her.“Oh my God.” I gasp as i soon as i notice this and step in between Josh and Lucy.I put on a really sad face,the best i have and stare into Josh’s eyes as i hold his hand midway.“Please don’t hurt her Josh.” I plead.“Mia she…” I interrupt.“Please Josh. For my sake.” I continue pleading and he seems to calm down. I drag him away,a few distance backwards before staring deeply into his eyes.“I only wanted to protect you Mia.” He whispers and i smile.“I know Josh. I know.” I blush saying so.“I can’t believe you wanted to kill me because of this…because of her. Josh! Who is she exactly? Why are you…What’s your bond with her? Why did you wanna hurt me because of her? You’ve never done this before,what changed?” Lucy throws multiple questions at Josh but he doesn’t answer any.“Answer me Josh. Who is she? What does she have that i don’t? You fucking her too? Huh? Answer me Josh.” She yells like a mania
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“Do not speak Mia. Don’t utter a word. You’re going to pay dearly for this,I promise you.” He tells me in a really harsh voice and i feel a lump in my throat.Josh drives really fast and soon we’re home. He switches off the engine and hurriedly exits the car entering into the house.“Josh please wait.” I chase after him but he enters his room and slams his door on my face.“Let me explain please.” I bang on his door repeatedly,tears dropping down my face. I admit i made an expensive joke and he’s hurt but he should just hear me out.“Josh please.” I choke on my tears.“Hear me out Josh.” I cough,choking on my tears.“Josh!!” I bang harder on his door and it opens without warning making me loose balance and fall but his strong arms catch me just in time.I look up at him,tears welled up in my eyes and i see his expression change from a cold one to a concerned one but that’s only for a second before he makes me stand erect and releases his grip.“I’m sorry Josh,i didn’t mean to hurt you
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Josh groans before placing two fingers into my pussy,rubbing my clit up and down vigorously making me yell in extreme pleasure.He removes his fingers and sucks on it making sure i’m watching him do so.“You’re so delicious baby girl.” He says huskily before adjusting himself and placing his member in front of my core.“Josh…please don’t delay it any longer.” I plead,i’m hot right now and i need him to cool me down,he’s the only one who can.“Beg me Mia. I wanna hear you beg for it.” He smirks.“Please Josh. I need you so fucking much right now. Please..i need you inside me Josh please.” I beg him and notice a satisfactory smirk on his face.“Just what i needed to hear.” He tells me and pushes the head of his member into my core making me scream in pain.“Mia..are you…a vir..gin?” He asks and i gulp down nothing.“Ye..yes i am Josh..but please don’t stop. I want you to be my first so ple..ahhhhh” My words get interrupted when his rod finally enters into my core.“You’re so fucking tig
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JOSHI head to my room after exiting Mia’s room. I couldn’t believe my ears. How? Why did Mia say all that to me? Did she really regret the night we spent together. She should have thought about my feelings before saying all that to me.“We shouldn’t have done what we did? It was a mistake. We’re siblings.” Mia’s words keep repeating in my hear and i groan in frustration.“How could you do this to me Mia?” I yell punching the wall aggressively. “ All i ever did was love you.” I continue punching the wall,ignoring the blood and the pain i’m feeling. Its only a physical wound,it’s a pain that would heal and go away in a few days but what about the pain in my heart? What about the wound inflicted? When will it heal?“Was i so wrong for loving you Mia?” I punch the wall again before kneeling on the floor sobbing.I hear my door fling open and someone rushes to me,embracing me in a tight hug. I inhale the scent only to discover that it’s Mia.Why would she be here after all she had said? W
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