Chapter 44 Proposition

It was...

Sparks of electricity ran from Rafał's mouth and tongue straight to his brain causing a short circuit. His brain turned out completely white and empty, but his tongue sought out Damian's tongue to entwine with it in a passionate dance.

Rafał felt Damian's arms on his back. First on his back, and then on...

“Uhm...” Brylski groaned uncomfortably and felt his consciousness begin to return. He broke the kiss and lowered his head, resting it heavily on Radosz's chest. His breathing was equally heavy.

He was dizzy. From happiness. From shame. From desperation.

Tears streamed down his cheeks.

The experiment had worked.

Rafal really wanted Damian.

His heart, his mind and... his body wanted him.

“I'm sorry” he said quietly freeing himself from Radosz's embrace and having turned so that he couldn't see his face, he walked away a few steps. “Give me a moment.”

“Are you...?

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