I opened my eyes and gasped loudly for air. Breathing heavily, I held my hand on my chest. I did not know since when I was not able to breath. But my lungs were on fire. Once my breaths were even, I stood straight and looked around. I was sitting in a garden. And it felt as if I had seen that garden many times. 

I froze as two arms sneaked around my waist. The arms were long and strong. I started breathing heavily again as I felt someone hugging me from behind. "What is it, Mira? Did you not remember me?" He whispered in my ear. I shut my eyes as suddenly I started to feel something throbbing between my legs. 

"Stupid Mira. How can I react like this? I am not a teenager. So what if I am a virgin. That does not mean that my panties should be wet every time a man would hug me." I thought to myself. He brought his nose towards my

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