Chapter 31

While Lydia was out shopping with Madilyn, Drake was suppose to be out with Sampson and a few of Sam’s friends, but instead he feigned being ill and took the ferry from Providenciales to West Caicos where he planned to meet with his investigator, Martin, whom had taken the red eye to inform Drake of his latest discovery.

Drake felt bad about lying to Sampson but he couldn’t bring himself to drag Sam into this mess. He didn’t want to share his thoughts on his parents being murder suspects with anyone. If Lydia hadn’t been there when he started unraveling evidence pointing that way, Drake would have made sure to protect her from the secrets that were buried deep in the Whittenberg estate.

What Drake hadn’t expected when he left Lydia in his penthouse suite to wait for Madilyn, was a tail. Drake had been so careful leaving the resort, checking his surroundings and making sure the paparazzi and the other photographers were busy, that he was almost one hundred percen
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