Chapter 32: Genius Amongst Geniuses, A Rare Prodigy

Twelve hours later.

  The Ancient Reality continent had finally returned to dusk. I stepped out of the royal palace of Vinia after having reunited Princess Ava to her people.

  Earlier, when I'd arrived in Black Frost's cave, I'd met with this well-spoken of princess. Immediate we saw one another, a rattle of connection quickly rung inside our hearts. She bowed to me, saying she knows that I possess the same bloodline as herself, and that although she was a direct princess, my bloodline level was so powerful that it gave those also possessing it, a yearning to kneel before me. Through further statements, I also came to understand that only true “core members” possessed such imposing bloodlines, and hence, those from the side family would not even dare to stand before me.

  I was astonished; Black Frost was flabbergasted. I ignored its gaped lips and kept on posing lots of questions at her, but I realised there was not a single differen

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