GINI: The Wicked Saviour

GINI: The Wicked Saviour

By:  denthoughts  Completed
Language: English
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His fate was decided by a lottery. It was already not easy for him to eat delicious food, what more if someone told him that he was destined to save a lot of people?"Me? A hero? Nah, no way. Thank you very much. I don't want to clean up anyone's mess and save lives like a chore." For him, heros sacrifice a lot of things and die for the greater good. It is a waste, so it would be better for him to be a bandit. Sadly, that was easier said than done...

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Is interesting plot and good quality of writing I'm excited to read more
2020-08-20 13:24:09
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Anthony .O. Godwin
I was curious to read this new story from one of my favorite author. Well, I couldn't resist. I must confess, I haven't dropped this book since I started reading it. The suspense is superb. Nice work.!! More knowledge to those brain cells of yours
2020-08-12 18:36:16
user avatar
Raven the lurker
I have gotten used to read female lead stories from her so this time when it is male lead it's quite a refreshing and interesting change up. The start is promising and very well written and it's not the typical type of a novel so give it a chance as this author never ceases from surprising you.
2020-08-08 15:08:45
user avatar
Guavaman Guavaman
I've been following Dentot for a while now, and I must say, she never ceases to get me hooked on her stories! The change of perspective to a male lead is quite refreshing.. I'm expecting more action packed scenes and of course a bit of sexy stuff - maybe a lot of it would be good!
2020-08-08 01:37:29
user avatar
Norah Koch
Awesome beginning. the author writes wonderfully. looking forward to it^^
2020-08-08 00:20:42
default avatar
it's interesting ! is there any social media to discuss your story further that I can follow?
2021-07-09 14:26:08
144 Chapters
Prologue 1- Part 1
The yellow glow of the fire, seating in the touch stand, danced on the rough wall and in the eyes of the men, who sat in circles. Some of the men tilted their heads and studied their fellow clansmen, while others shifted in their seats as if their unspoken words were nudging their troubled heart to leave the place immediately. Elders of the clan emphasized that what they were about to do was very important, however, the others could not help but bored or feel suspicious.But, despite the crinkle of disturbance that cloaked the faces of these aging men, none of them left, more like they were afraid to be punished if they attempted to.
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Prologue - Part 2
Ikenna then chuckled with mockery when Uche grumbled and shifted uneasily in his seat. “Why not bring yours?” Uche glared angrily. The two men started arguing, and soon, the small room turned to an uproar as each man tries to voice down the other.“The elf and dragons have destroyed us already.” Pa Uta whispered weakly. The room quieted down when they heard his voice. It was so soft but powerful enough for those arguing to halt. He was the chief of Umudike—the mage—and even though the threekingdom had been beaten into one by the whip of the taskmasters.
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Chapter 1: Game for Food
Ginka’s eyes glinted with the moon and flickered to studied the dusty field. The path was clear, but he knew not to rest in its comfort as it might be dangerous, and he learned that in a hard way, that almost cost his life.No noise could be heard either, just the fluttering whispers of the wind above the roof of leaves.
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Chapter 2: Oddly Quiet
“Or could it be that the taskmasters are already in the village square?” Dodo asked. “That would be the best explanation then, they’ve been gone for two weeks now, I just hope they came with more bread this time?” Ginika said. He looked over his shoulders, this time hoping to catch Zahra’s eyes, but the girl seemed distracted.
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Chapter 3: Village Square
Slowly and reluctantly, he released her hand. Dodo didn’t know when she paused her lips and lick it. She averted her gaze back to the village, as if hoping that the fire would die down by itself.“What if someone is inside and needs help?” She asked“This fire looks as if it has been burning for hours!” Zahra pointed out. Nothing can withstand that heat. It’s only a matter of seconds, and everything would still turn to ash. Besides, what can you possibly do? You are a seer, I am a sword seeker, and Ginika is a mage. We have not had any training before; we are useless for now.”The fire hissed loudly, and as if bringing to life what Zahra had said, a
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Chapter 4: Exchange for Bread
Everybody was in the village, from a day old baby to the oldest adult. They were all watching the men who were displaying their magical powers. All their worries from earlier were nothing. It was still better to see the village men all alive and well despite the weird fire around them. “Bread!” Ginika suddenly exclaimed with excitement when his eyes fell upon the taskmaster’s wagon. “I can’t wait to have a taste of that delicious bread of the taskmaster.” “We should hurry,” Dodo said and took the hands of Gini and Zahra. She tried to beat pass the bodies, which o
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Chapter 5: Command to Kill
Bread? A shiver went down Ginika’s spine when he realized that he, too, was guilty of the same crime. They had given their lives to the masters in exchange for food. It struck him to realize that liberation was farfetched until they release themselves from every encumbrance of the emperor.A shrilling cry echoed through the night as a girl burst into the stage. At first, the people clapped their hands with admiration, thinking she was trying to be more fun while maintaining the act. But that expression dissolved into horror when they realized what was happening. She was kneeling down on the sandy floor, n
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Chapter 6: Unable to Calm
He ran as fast as he could. Sweat strolled down Ginika’s brow as he trotted towards the direction of their house, brushing pass the populace and calling out the names of his mother and little brother. The smoky air was harsh on his nostril, and he could taste it somewhere at the back of his throat. As he tried to swallow, he realized just then that there was no fluid in his mouth. His eyes walked pass the palm tree to the shadow beyond the other side of the grass, but he could barely make out the face of anyone from the paleness of the moon. Tugging his wet hair behind his ears, he stopped when he realized that it was a dead end. The disorder in the village square made it impossibl
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Chapter 7: Incorrect Predictions
“I said no, screaming!” Without warning, the taskmaster’s sword separated the mother’s head from her shoulders.Goosebump covered Ginika’s skin as he shrieked, but the hands of Bola, which covered his mouth, kept the screams trapped in his throat. His eyes were hot with tears that were gushing out.“You, the woman behind her husband,” The taskmaster pointed again to a couple.“That’s my mother!” Ginika hurried to meet them, but Bola’s muscle was an obstacle that he needed to beat. He tried to fight through the strong arms, but they were too big for
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Chapter 8: A Warrior From The Kingdom Of Kiro
‘But where are the other members of the circle?’  He bit his lower lips and hid his body behind a palm tree. He wasn’t good at rescuing people, the last time he tried to rescue a teenage boy from being sexually harassed by one male taskmaster, had almost gotten him killed. They had scourged him on a pole and had whipped the living daylight out of him.The scar on Bola’s back pulse as if in agreement to his testimony. He just hoped that the other chief of the village were helping to eva
Read more Protection Status