Rengganis, Revenge of The Abandoned Queen

Rengganis, Revenge of The Abandoned Queen

By:  KarRa  Ongoing
Language: English
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-If my charm is not able to captivate you, then my magic will ensnare you- Empress Rengganis was maliciously slandered by Madhavi's concubine. Even the mother died miserably at the hands of King Abra, her husband. Rengganis, with the help of the warlord Khandra, fled when he was about to be beheaded. While on the run, Rengganis meets a human figure with a snake body named Lady Nagini at a hidden waterfall. Hatred, as well as ambitions for revenge, make Rengganis accept Nagini's helping hand. Learning to fight also learn kanuragan knowledge and some magic spells. How can Rengganis survive on the run? Can she reclaim the throne of her kingdom back? @lovely_karra

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2023-06-02 18:35:13
28 Chapters
1. Dethroned the Future Queen
“Give me your body, so I will fulfill your wish, Rengganis.” The voice resonated, making that lady with beautiful face called Rengganis looked up from her sitting heels. She looked into a tranparent, flying in front of her with thick fog cevered her. Rengganis’s black eyes as dark as night looked wet, radiating deep sadness. Thick dust and dirt adorn her face, showing how tormented and oblivious she was for a long time. Watching Rengganis’s dejection, the lady smirked. Her feet stroke the ground first and took steps. “ I can help you taking revenge, whether to that bitch named Madhavi... or to that bastard you called My King Husband Abra.” Rengganis clenched her fist, imagining the face of those two faces who made her life hard as hell. But, seeing that black fog covering her, Rengganis felt that it would be a bad idea to aggree with her. “I don’t trust you,” Rengganis said in alert. Her hand clenched to restain her trembling body.
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2. The Battle in The Queen Palace
The queen mother’s accusation on King Abra wasn’t false, well, the swore was absolute true. Kingdom of Baskara used to be led by King Arkha –Leena’s husband. King Arkha had passed away some time ago because of his illness. Rengganis had been enganged to Abra –second prince of kingdom Bamantara- the wedding was accelerated at the elderly’s of kingdom Baskara suggestion, considering the king’s crown was vacant. It would be a great opportunity for the other kingdom to attack. In fact, there were big war on the border. Fortunately, commander Khandra, a gallant you man with the best war tactics, mobilizing his troops under his command to guard and fight the enemies. “Old granny!” king Abra glower the queen mother as if had skinned her alive.”Your daughter was guilty. If you’re still defending her, I have no problem taking your life too.” He grunted, pointed his finger on front of his mother in-law’s face. Queen mother burst into laughter. “Try me if you can!” Queen mo
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3. Death Sentence for The Queen
The cold palace, the farthest tower of kingdom Baskara, an abandoned building, many cobweb and rats roamed. Bad smell filled the air, making the soldiers can’t stand the smell. The cold palace of Baskara kingdom was kind a prison for guilty members of the court before getting punishment for their crime. They would be taken there waiting for the trial. Queen Rengganis laid on a wooden cot. The sunken eyes started to open slowly. She was shocked knowing where she was in a pathetic condition. Queen Rengganis bursted into tears, wailing. Loosing her beloved mother in front of her eyes with such a horrible thing. King Abra was wild, he cut her mother’s neck with no mercy. Queen Rengganis suddenly held her own neck. She felt faint, choking, even hard to breath. Blood spattered, looked clearly when King Abra pulled up and lifted her mother’s head up. “Hang this woman rebel’s head in the square!” the shout was heard before she passed out. Rengganis couldn’t think c
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4. Commander Khandra
Rengganis body shook violently, cold sweat on her temple. She curled up in fear watching the axis knotting the wooden floor cracked. Rengganis shut her mouth, wining, but still tried to be conscious. All of the sudden, there was a flash, someone quickly moved, jumped off the opened floor. A tall, strong men, stood in front of the cot, looking without expression at Rengganis who’s still in shock. The man was on his armor. His body was full of blood spatter even in his hair down to his face. Rengganis could smell it, but she didn’t care as if his scary and horrible look wasn’t scary at all. Rengganis breathed sigh of relief. She smiled. Unconsciously, tear dropped on her dirty and dusty cheek. “Commander, Commander Khandra,” she called. They’re staring at each other, that stout man put his finger on his mouth, asking her to keep silent. “Queen Rengganis, are you okay?” that stout man whispered, his muscular arm tried to wipe Rengganis tears, but he held it. It
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5. Lady Nagini
“No!” Rengganis screamed loudly. She opened her eyes. She found a faint and dark atmosphere in the reflection of torch. Berek took a deep look to her queen. Rengganis closed her eyes, neutralized her pounding heart. “Did you just have a bad dream?” Berek helped Rengganis to sit. The beautiful woman looked around. She just realized they were in a cave. She was on rocks at the moment. Her back hurts. Never in her life, Rengganis slept on place like this. She used to sleep on a soft and comfortable bed. She looked outside, dark. Ah, it’s night then, she thought. “Please, have a drink!” the middle-aged lady handed a bamboo glass for Rengganis. She drank it up. “I hear the queen screamed.” Khandra showed up from outside with forewood on his hand. “Ah, it’s alright. She just had a bad dream,” Berek explained. “What do you bring, Khandra?” she asked. The man put the firewood inside the cave, used a torch to lit fire. Middle-aged maid
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6. The Revenge of The Abandoned Queen
Rengganis changed her clothe into something more simple. A strand of batik wrapped her body, and a black scarf covered her top body. All of her accessories were removed including the crown so that no one would suspicious when they accrossed villages. Everything was planned in such a way by Aunty Berek. Walking by the river, accrossed bushes, and suddenly the sun had already on top of their head. Rengganis gulped, repressed thirsty and hungry. They hadn’t eaten anything yet and staggered. Rengganis looked up in the clear sky, the birds flew happily, the trees blew by the wind. The lady drank from bamboo bottle. “Is it still far away, Aunty?” Aunty Berek shook her head. “No, My Dear. There were a path in front of us. We’re entering a village. We can stay a little, go to the market and dine,” Aunty Berek answered, “remember, we’re pretending as a family. You cannot blurted her out a queen.” “Yes, Aunty,” they answered unitedly. One of the young men took a rolled clothe, using
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7. Sidangkrong Waterfall
Aunty Berek pulled Rengganis to leave the village immedaitely. It’s not safe being too long in here. They went back to the forest and stopped in a cave. Rengganis turned her head, again she found a cave. The guards taking Rengganis whistled three times. Rengganis saw a flash of black shadow in front of her. She gulped when a man stood behind her. “Forgive me, My Queen. We’re just afraid there was an intruder,” said the stranger. Rengganis looked behind, seeing a handsome face and tall man kneeling and bowing. “What are you douing? Who are you?” Rengganis bend over. He looked up. “I’m Kayana, one of the chosen soldiers of the late King Arkha,” he said and smiled flirtatiously. “My Gosh, you’re beautiful,” he added. BUGH! “Irrevent!” Aunty Berek hit Kayana’s head. “Auch, it hurts, Aunty!” shouted Kayana. “Please, forgive me, My Queen,” he added. Rengganis straight her body and smiled. She stood and nodded. “It’s okay, Aunty. I need to rest,” she said. “Pleas
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8. Heels of The Reeds
Rengganis’s body shook seeing a beautiful lady looked familiar. Had seen her in a horrible dream, a half-snake woman. Her heart throbs, her body trembled along with cold sweats streamed down her emple. Rengganis held on hard not to fall. She clenched her fist holding her scarf so hard. White fog billowed around the woman slowly faded away. Now, she stood facig her. Rengganis eyes got widen. “Lady Nagini,” she whispered. Rerngganis felt relieved not see her half-snake body. Her conscious slowly came and stood quietly. “How are you, Sweet Daughter.” Lady Nagini’s voice was flat. Her face looked at her expressionless. “Thank God you didn’t get lost,” she said. Her expression changed in a blink, she smiled friendly. Renggans didn’t answer. She looked around, remembering the holes in her dream where Lady Nagini came out of the water in a shape of half-snake. But now she found that Lady Nagini was just like a normal woman with fair skin and barefoot. Rengganis saw her exactly li
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9. Nagini’s Red Shawl Kris
Few years ago, Lady Nagini was so ambitious to be immortal and ageless. It started from her meeting with a snake demon called Sawer Geni. The beauty of Lady Nagini was able to attract men, both human and demon, including Sawer Geni. He, accindetally, saw the tempting body of hers when she’s soaking in a lake, near Sidongkrang waterfall where she lived. The arrival of Sawer Geni, a big snake with blaze around his body didn’t make Lady Nagini afraid. Seeing demon and another abnormal things was usual for her since she became student of Master Jagat Trengginas. The woman was still took a leisurely bath, ignoring Sawer Geni who’s watching by the lake. This happened over and over until few days later, Lady Nagini was silent, jumped into the water, wagging her hand, covering her naked body with clumps of water coming up along with her hand dance. And in a second, the water came down and Lady Nagini was already on her clothe, a black kebaya and black batik bustier. Lady Nagini hung h
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10. The Book of Master Jagat Trengginas
“I, Sawer Geni, will not die easily. I am immortal. Do you know?” the snake slowly faded, plume of smoke around him vanish. Sawer Geni turned into a man with smooth and fair body as cotton. Lady Nagini saw his arm hugging her stomach. “I can change body when this physic getting older, useless.” His warm brearth touched her cheek. “Let me off, You Bastard!” Lady Nagini moved her kris. His arm swung it easily. Pyash! The kris turned back into a shawl. The man laughed and moved around Lady Nagini. Now the girl can see the stout young and half snake man. “Be my follower, Lady Nagini. It’s been a while I’m watching you and yeah, you’re the perfect one I choose. I will give you the immune spell and immortality. You can live forever, rule the universe,” he said. “I am not sure you are better than my master, Master Jagat Trengginas,” Lady Nagini mocked. The man laughed and turned around. Lady Nagini watched closely the surjan, the siple clothe he wore. His long hair flew by the
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