Chapter 50: Noodles and Geniuses

Soon, a nice fragrance streamed into our nostrils.

  “Ah, there it is,” Zhangkong pointed, with a glee in his eyes. Everyone reserved their comments, smiling widely as we strolled into a large restaurant that was big enough to roof fifty people.

  On the outside of the restaurant was a plaque carrying the following words: “Fu Family's Noodle Restaurant.”

  Zhangkong swerved through to the front desk where there was a man strolling leisurely and giving orders to the workers, casually.

  “Uncle Fu!”

  The old man turned his bulky body to reveal a slightly surprised expression, followed by a very pleased declaration.

  “Ah, so it's Young Master Zhangkong!”

  The two embraced one another, leaving everyone in a daze.

  ‘Young Master Zhangkong? Just what was the family background of this lad?’

  It was obvious everyone shared the same questions, but decided against asking a

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