Chapter 54: Let's Place a Bet Then

Opening my eyes, streaks of insight flashed through my eyes as quickly as it came. It was proof of making a breakthrough in my comprehensive knowledge.

  I had long expected to see everyone gathered around me, so I wasn't as surprised as I was in the past. My eyes locked with Roy's and I couldn't help but take a step backwards to view this buddy of mine properly.

  “Your wings...”

  Though I was surprised, I quickly was able to link the event that'd just happened with the blood essence mutation I'd seen in my spiritual consciousness.

  “Brilliant!” I heard someone's voice ring into my ear drums. It was Madman Fei's.

  I smiled at him and couldn't help but bow in reverence, and muttered “thank you”. If it wasn't for those strong thought-provoking words, none of these could have happened.

  “Hahaha! You're really an elite! Why do I feel you're not a teacher here?” sa

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