Devil On Walking Ground

Devil On Walking Ground

By:  Sophianacatry  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lisa is a beautiful girl. Friendly and loving. She works as the personal assistant of Zagan and later after she finds herself prone to trouble. She see things she shouldn't. She discovers the world she never knew it existed. Some wants her dead. It could be Zagan but why? Read more to find. NB;- don't be afraid to criticize my work , I'll very appreciat it.

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Switch the age back to 16+ for more exposure. wonderful writing. You can see mine "We Meet Again" loved up :)
2021-09-09 00:22:17
13 Chapters
First day of work
 Lisa lies on her bed facing the roof , mind racing. "I wonder would he hire me like that. I mean no interview no nothing , it's strange. Nah I'm just overthinking things. Probably they were just desperate for someone and he said himself my resume was good." Lisa spends almost an hour arguing with her thoughts before retiring to land of dreams.   Beeep! Beeep! Beeep! The alarm rang awakening Lisa from her sleep. "Ahh come-on." Lisa turns of the alarm and goes to the shower. "Just when my dreams were starting to get nice." She opens the water making sure it's just the right temperature before getting in.After showering she runs through her clothes. She finds herself a nice Blue body hugging mini- dress with blue laced up high heels. She brushes her pulling a nice updo. A nice lip gloss and a large saffiano leather crossbody bag. She looks at the mirror one last time before livin
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Sammy's Restaurant and Hotel
  Around lunch she decided to go in one of the best restaurants in town. It was a bit far so she requested a cab. The new city , new buildings was so much to take in as she watched them go outside the car window. The view was so beautiful that she lost herself into the beauty. She didn't even notice the car stoping."We have arrived." The cab driver spoke but Lisa was lost in her thoughts she couldn't hear him."What?" She shaked her head trying to shake the feeling away."… We have arrived." He replied."Ohh yes. Thank you." She paid the driver and he was gone. She turned around and saw how beautiful and luxurious the restaurant was. The building was quite tall. The restaurant alone was about three floors high And the rest were hotel rooms. 5 star. Lisa walked in not sure there's anything she could afford. She was afraid if leaving bankrupt just for a glass of water. Everything seemed so expensive.As
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Can't be late
 "Shit! Shit! Shit!" Lisa opened her eyes and realized just how late she was. She definitely forgot that her phone was the only thing waking her up in the morning. "I hate that bustard. If it wasn't for her throwing my phone away I would've been at work by now. "She runs to the shower, rummaging through her clothes doing everything as fast as she can." No I can't be fired. It's only my second day. " She started panicking tears swelling up her eyes. She was so scared that she felt like screaming and crying. She rushed out of the house.At the sidewalk she calls a taxi telling the drive to drive fast as he possibly can." Look I'm late for work and it's way across the town. Can plz drive a little fast. " She requested.   " I'll try my best. " Said the drive.Lisa squinted her eyes to read the clock on the radio." Five past ten! " Astounded she recoils from her sit. " A
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Stranger things
 After work visited her new apartment. It was good as shown on the photo and she could move in immediately. Without wasting anytime she packed and left her crappy small apartment. The apartment was fifteen minutes away from work and no more transport. At least she saved some time in the morning.   A busy week for Lisa running up and down, making appointments, making errands and having to deal with Hecate for the rest of the week. The days at work were even longer.   After work on Friday she called Sammy.    "Hello?" A voice answered from the other end.   "Hey it's Lisa." She said.   "Ohh hey Lisa. So nice of you to finally call. I thought you bailed out on me." He laughed teasingly.   " N
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My boss a killer..
 Lisa sat down in front of the bar finishing of her glass of Martin. A fine looking lady approached her. She had short hair , brown eyes like russet. Wearing some short shorts and a nice t-shirt revealing her beautiful shape.   "Hey baby." She smiled. " Your first time here?" She sat down in front of her.    " Ohh! I don't look like a commoner here ? " Lisa turned her focus to look at the girl.   "I know everyone that comes here. And I've never seen you before." She takes a sip in a glass she carried.   "Well caught me red handed. A friend of mine just abandoned here." Lisa said looking around the club. Everyone seemed to have a good time.   " A beautiful girl like you? It can't be." The lady said acting to be surprised. 
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A longest week
 °Monday Morning°   At her office Lisa sits down with a cup of coffee starts drinking it. It's all she needs to start her day and definitely not Hecate's nagging voice , as she was striding towards Lisa's office."You're not working , Why?" Hecate asked standing at the door post.   "It's 7:15." Lisa replied bored out her mind.   " So?" She Queried.   "So what? My shift starts at eight." She said again pulling out her phone.   "Again with the phone. You never learn , do you? You actually think I mind throwing that one out AGAIN." She said emphasizing the last word. "I'd like to see you try." Lisa spoke confidently and continues fiddling with her phone.   Hecate takes
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Vampires exist
She leaves the drinks on the table next to her and goes to check it out. A girl was going to the depts of the garden in the dark next to the very long trees. She was followed by two guys. One the guys kept looking around as if checking no buddy is following them.The strange thing the girl wasn't even focusing where she was going. Her head slightly looking upwards walking like a controlled robot."Now that's strange." Lisa continued to follow them making sure she's not spotted.Finally they are far away from everyone. Definitely no one could see or even knew that part of the garden even existed accept the owner.The cold breezy air made Lisa shiver putting her hands around her body to warm herself.She hid in a bush a few inches behind the two man and the girl.Taking a good look at them one had more weight than muscles. Round face and short hair. He's shorter than the guy next to him.The second guy was not big but well
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Diana on my door step.
 Lisa and Daina sat on the sofa in the living room."Want some tea?" Lisa asked.   "No I'm fine I just needed someone to keep me company that's all. How didn't I know we were neighbors?" She asked.   " Maybe it's because we come and leave at different times." Said Lisa.   " Yeah probably." She added. " I'm glad now I know that you are here. I don't have many friends here. Probably because I'm always busy."   " Well I'm also happy you're here." Lisa smiled forcing herself to forget about everything that had happened.   As time went on they engaged in a conversation. Talking like old friends. What can you get when talkative people get together. Time seemed to fly by. Like that it was already dark. For the moment Lisa forg
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The Good come back
 "what's wrong? Why did you stop? " Her voice sounding shaky and scared. "Did I do something wrong?" She kept querying her eyes bugged.   "Will you shut up please!" His voice cruel and mean." And so you thought you are really that good in bed huh?"    " But I…" She wanted to speak she was cut off.   "Shut up and let me finish!" His strict voice made Diana jerk back a little , she started to get scared."I stopped because you were boring. Your pussy doesn't have the vibe to satisfy guys like me. I was just bored and wanted something to mess around with in the meantime , and there you were. It's only now I've realized that I wasted my time trying to fuck that lifeless pussy of yours. I could have really done something useful." He said it in a rudest way possible.
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Too good at goodbyes
 °earlier that day *Diana's POV*°   "Why do you mean to see MR Zagan so bad?" Scarlet curiously asked.   " Aren't you the girl we were drinking with last night?"   " Yeah that's me." She replied.   " So tell me really. How did you end up being his personal assistant. " She glanced at Zagan's office then back at Scarlet. "I know it's none of that gibberish you were telling us yesterday." Diana stared her deep into her pupils.   "Why would I tell you that?" She urged staring back.   " Because for some reason I know it's not something you're proud of and didn't do it intentionally. I thought maybe we can help each. Become friends." She added.   
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