Chapter 52: Preparation

The gathering took place at the pack house. They are getting ready by informing every warrior wolf, even the wolves who are not yet trained, want to participate and protect their pack.

The quiet and serious vibe going around was interrupted when human servants came running and barging. She's demanding for an answer.

"What do you mean, Aesthelia didn't come back with you?" Marie questioned the wolf who happened to go with the mission. She grabbed him by the clothes near his collar. Her strength seemed to match the wolf's.

Marie just got the news of their arrival and came running as if her life was at stake. Aesthelia was like Marie's family. She lived most of her life taking care of Aesthelia and dedicated her life to Aesthelia's safety.

"Third-in-Command Aesthelia escorted us as soon as we were within the shield. She dashed off and disappeared. " A warrior wolf said patiently with more details.

The disruption caught almost everyone's attention, including the higher wolves and the a
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