Chapter 58: Mr. Frauzon

Gior felt himself falling from an average height, which caused the pain he was experiencing to lessen. The portal appears to be hanging in the air. The shivering cold air seized control of the burns he was already feeling.

Gior attempted to close his eyes in order to concentrate on shifting, but to no avail. He found it impossible. Gior plummeted to the ground face first in a couple of seconds before he can even even think of a solution.

He quickly raised to his feet and massaged his nose. The mud on his clothing was brushed off. His wandering gaze discovered him encircled by tall trees.

After him, there was another deafening thud.

Gior asked with wide eyes, "What were you guys thinking by following me here? Do you guys know how dangerous it is?"

Without really caring about the enraged Alpha, Flo assisted Marie in getting to her feet and checked on his mate. He turned his head to face the Alpha after making sure Marie was in fact fine and had no scratches.

"Let me ask you, Alpha, what
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