I grew up in Tahawus, a small town here in the Adirondacks. If you’ve never heard of it, Father, don’t feel bad. Tahawus didn’t have much in the way of . . . well, anything. At a population of barely a hundred, we weren’t exactly a planned stop on anyone’s tourist agenda.

Which was okay, I suppose. Old Forge and Lake George are nice enough, but in the summers especially, their sidewalks are always swamped with city folks who’d decided on a “wilderness” vacation only to spend it browsing kitschy knick-knack stores jammed full of cheap novelty items. In Tahawus, we had none of that, so far off the beaten path. Hardly anyone from outside ever came to town, save occasional product deliveries to our small stores. Mostly, folks either graduated from Tahawus High, stayed there to raise families, or they left for college and never returned.

We didn’t even have a police force of our own. The nearest state police barracks was over an hour away in Woodgate. We only saw them on their random
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