The Merc[A Reason To Kill]

The Merc[A Reason To Kill]

By:  Victor Olusa  Ongoing
Language: English
4 ratings
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On a mission to kill. On a mission to avenge. On a mission to unknowingly saving the world from "The Cooler Project" sponsored by The Inevitable Five. Abel Oliz popularly known as the Merc is on such mission. Unaware he just got into something bigger than he handle. Will he succeed? Find out in this fast paced Action Thriller Novel full of conflict, tension, suspense, unexpected twists and high stakes.

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Queen Whorish
One of the best I've read in a while. The book is an absolute masterpiece and I recommend it strongly. The author's wordplay is commendable 💙
2021-06-26 04:54:25
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Hi jjkkkkbhhhu
2023-05-24 14:15:27
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Sambu Sadaka
i love it....
2023-04-23 13:20:30
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lungile mtetwa
The storyline and it's characters are so interesting. This is the great book, big up to the author, Victor. Thank you for this great read.
2023-01-28 07:06:07
26 Chapters
The Chase
Written by Victor OlusaEpisode 1    Abel Oliz alighted from the taxi, paid the driver the fare and glanced around the front of the large hall bubbling with several activities. Expensive black cars rolling in, catering buses parked at different points, the police vehicles stationed at strategic points in case of an attack. He also identified a few undercover agents blending with the crowd of normal citizens, keeping their senses keen, ready to stroke the trigger and waste some d*mn slugs on any criminal's chest. The men that alighted from their cars wore  red Tuxedo, but most looked more fanciful and expensive than his, while the ladies wore red gown. The Mayor's birthday party was surely a big one. He easily located the entrance, by just trailing his eyes on to where those dressed to kill for the event were heading to. Two heavy bouncers dressed in black stood at both sides at the entrance, stopping each guest an
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 ©Written by Victor OlusaEpisode 2"This will be the last face you will ever see!!!" He added, swiftly bringing out a Glock 19 pistol from his back....A loud gun shot followed his swift and quick action.Dante fell on his knees, with blood pouring out of his mouth, the Glock 19 pistol falling from his grip. Behind stood Abel with a Smith & Wesson semiautomatic pistol pointed forward, with the wasted cartridge falling to the ground.Abel moved closer towards where Dante knelt,  struggling to breathe as Abel shot him at the left side of his back, with the bullet puncturing some of his vitals organs, and almost reaching his heart."Who sent you?" Abel asked placing the muzzle of the pistol at the back of Dante's head.Dante coughed, then released a mocking laughter, more blood pooling out of his mouth."We are all pawns in this game". He paused, inhaling more oxygen to regulate the inconsistent and pai
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© Written by Victor OlusaEpisode 3"Over 7 billion people roaming the surface of this planet Earth." Victor Olusa Chuckled. "Mother Earth will thank me for reducing the population once this project is a success."Victor moved a pawn piece forward obstructing The opponent's rookie official from checking his King official, and also leaving an opening for his Bishop official to act at the next move."And in return we get richer. World domination in our palms." John Fishman replied with a smile. "I sure made the right choice joining your cause.""Yes you did." Victor affirmed with a Stern gaze on the chess board. "I heard an ex CIA is causing some trouble. Have you handled it?"John took a few seconds, thinking of his next move. "Kim is already on it."John moved his knight in an L shape to the right eliminating a pawn."What's his name?" Victor asked. "Abel Oliz""You told me you had handled him 5 years a
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Human Abbatoir
© Written by Victor OlusaEpisode 4'At times I'm a mystery to myself'Abel breathes out, the lights of the mansion came on. Kim was nowhere to be found. A knife stuck in the forehead of Jack, with blood dripping down the knife handle and down his face."Another clue gone" Abel mumbled.Abel swiftly turned back, stopping an arrow with his bare hand shot at him. "Meet our only female member" Kim Voice boomed out, but he was nowhere to be seen. "Katarina, Precise Archer"Katarina, a brunette lady with killer curves, clad in a tight black overall waved from where she stood upstairs, with an evil grin, armed with a Black bow, and a bag containing arrows strapped at her back. A muscular bare chested guy came from behind, stood beside Katarina. In his right hand was a double edge axe. His lower waist clad in a blue jean short.”Brute. As his name implies he has brute Force. Strength of ten men combined.
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Russian Man of Steel
© Written by Victor OlusaEpisode 5The Black Chevrolet sport car stopped in front of a small boutique. Abel and Jenny got down from the car and walked towards the boutique."Are we going shopping?" Abel asked jokingly."This is the base" Jenny replied."Undercover... typical of a non governmental organization." Abel chuckled..They both entered the boutique, the security guard at duty opening the glass door for them to enter.They went straight to the cashier. "Good morning sir and ma." The female cashier greeted. "How may I be of help to you?""Asian phoenix." Jenny replied. "Both of us."The cashier nodded, putting her hand under the counter, bringing out a card. Jenny collected the card and led the way pass the counter into the inner Chambers of the boutique."Nice name Agent." Abel said. "Asian phoenix.""Wait till you see me in action tonight" Jenny responded with a smir
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Nine lives
©Written by Victor OlusaEpisode 6'Sometimes it feels like I can't die, cause I never was alive.'..Two bullets pierced Abel's chest. Abel's life flashed before his very eyes. Vladmir walked back to the truck and got in, with Victor already seated at the passenger seat."Is he dead?" Victor asked."He can't survive two bullets to the left side of his chest. His heart should have stopped beating by now." Vladmir replied, igniting the engine of the truck. Vladmir stepped on the accelerator, only to quickly step on the brake. He sighted 7 Horizon Zero Vans coming his way. "What are we going to do?" Victor asked."Run!" Vladmir replied, reversed the truck and handled the steering wheel expertly, the car drifting at 180 degree, before coming to a sudden halt. He changed the gear instantly to gear 5, and stepped hard on the accelerator, the truck gaining speed with the Horizon zero Vans cha
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The Merc
© Written by Victor OlusaEpisode 7CNN"Business Mogul, Victor Olusa has been arrested for the murder of Late Mayor and also Late Jack and Sekani Daniels. He was also linked to the several murders of the Former CIA detectives that investigated the The Cooler project." Gerard Osborn elucidated, a male journalist, clad in a black suit, a white shirt underneath and a blue tie designed with white spots. "Speaking of The Cooler project. Talia Jones has more on that. Over to you Talia"And the screen changed, displaying Talia Jones clad in a red coloured short sleeve shirt, lower waist clad in a grey skirt, with a mic in her grasp, standing near the busy streets."Thanks Gerald. According to the investigations made by Horizon Zero, a non governmental organization, but soon to be a governmental one, if they accept the proposal of the government merging them up with the SWAT team, The Cooler project was meant to be launched today as we speak. The coo
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George Five
© Written by Victor OlusaEpisode 8"This is aimless" Abel exhaled, laying his back on the chair. "The only clue we had which was Victor, he died in the CIA prison.""How are we even sure these inevitable 5 actually exist!" Jenny replied sitting on Abel's laps. "I mean, take a look...we have been on this for a month now. We even had to go All the way to Africa, took down a bunch of terrorists, only to realize we took down some scumbags sponsored by a politician.""What if...what if this Inevitable 5 are not actually a group of people or some kind of organization we all assumed them to be" Cory spoke up, adjusting the way his eye glasses sat on the bridge of his nose. "What if it's just one person.""What do you mean?" Lionel asked with a confused face."This inevitable 5 might just be like the 7 deadly sins." Cory replied.The whole team looked at him like he was a psycho."Too much of anime is affecting your thinking patt
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© Written by Victor OlusaEpisode 9CHICAGO     At the early hours of 5am, three black Range Rover Jeeps plied the non busy road of Adeola Elolad  road, the trio arranged in a sequential order moved at an average speed of a hundred miles per hour. The glasses of the three cars were tinted, thereby not allowing the occupants of the cars to be known when viewed sideways by other motorists. Three black Mercedes sport car were spotted by each of the drivers of the Range Rover Jeeps coming from behind at full speed."I think we got company boss". The Driver of the Range Rover Jeep in the middle spoke up glancing at the rearview mirror.Alexander Tesfaye, seated at the right side of the backseat squinted his eyes, focusing his eye lens on the rearview mirror. "Stay calm but drive faster" The 69  year old Crime lord replied.The Driver nodded in response, stepping harder on the accelerator, accompanied wi
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© Written by Victor OlusaEpisode 10CHICAGOPuma laid his back against the side of the Black Bentley car, parked at the front of The police station, awaiting someone's arrival. Soon enough, Theresa came out of the police station, wearing her black jacket simultaneously. She got to where Puma was, and stared at him then the car, trying to see through the wined up tinted glasses of the car."Is brother inside?" She asked."Yes, and he is angry at you!" Puma replied. "You missed your father's funeral.""It wasn't my fault!" She countered. "Tell that to Eric!" Puma opened the door of the backseat of the car. Theresa hesitated before she entered."Hello brother!" Theresa greeted."Tess!" Eric smiled, not looking at her, his eyes at the other side looking through the window. "I'm sorry for missing father's funeral." "That has passed." Eric replied, shocking Theresa a bit. She
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