Chapter 20


My musings are interrupted by a knock at the door—it’s David, delivering my micro ear monitor.

“Thank you, you’re a dear,” I say, giving him a peck on the cheek as he hands over a small package, about the size of a ring box. “I’ll get this back to you ASAP, I promise.”

“Take your time, it won’t be noticed as missing anytime soon,” he replies.

I thank him again, and then close the door. I cross to the dining room table, and open up the package, inside of which is what looks like a tiny, tan-colored, plastic candy corn, which is designed to fit right into your ear canal, but can only be seen if someone sticks their eye right up to your ear.

It is currently attached to a small USB cable, which I plug into my laptop. Once my laptop has connected with the device, an application automatically opens up, requesting a serial number. I type in the serial number for the bug we had planted in Davison’s office, and after a second there is a beep and the application notifies me that
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