A Perfect Distraction

A Perfect Distraction

By:  MiDdleBeNcherZz  Ongoing
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Sometimes it only takes one person to change your life, a few seconds to fall in love and one day to lose everything.For Karolia, it only took one day to lose everything at the age of 19. Her happiness changed to grief and loneliness. Without knowing the reason for her parents' , she fled from Worcester, her hometown to a crowded city, NYC to escape from the nightmares and memories. She is sweet, childish, strong and everything a good girl needs.For him, falling in love is a bad distraction and it only causes heartbreak. Being the CEO of a powerful company, Logan has enough weight on his shoulder. His escape from reality was fighting. He's dangerous, devilishly handsome, and everything a bad boy needs.When these two people cross their path, a whirlwind of emotions breaks apart - Hatred, Love, Happiness, fear, heartbreak, revenge, ... They change each other's lives and perceptions and they are the perfect soulmates. For him, no longer love is a bad distraction, but perfect.But every story has a villain. In this, her past is the one and now she has no escape. Will Logan be able to save her from her nightmare or let her go forever? Be ready for a new adventure, new mysteries, and new memories.After all, Distraction can be good as well as bad. It depends on how we see it.

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71 Chapters
1. New York
I slowly opened my eyes and turned to see the time. The digital alarm's brilliant dial read 3:33 a.m. As soon as my senses began to revive, I let out a groan. I don't want to be confronted with reality. It's heinous and perilous. Please, please, please! This is a realm of torment and suffering. I just want to travel to another world of fantasy, which I know I can only do when sleeping. SMACK! The sound of a huge crash from downstairs startled me and made me jump. Steps could be heard echoing up the stairs to my chamber. With my heart racing, I searched the area for a safe place to hide. Closet! Even though there wasn't much room in the closet, it was preferable to being out in the open. As I was almost entirely inside the closet, someone pounded up the stairs. I was yanked out of the closet by a hand wrapped around my ankle. A masked visage confronted me when I was forced to turn around. His cat-green eyes made me shudder despite the fact that I couldn't see his distinct features. I
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2. Fate must really hate me
(2 months later) The 'Western ExecuTrain University' is a three-story horseshoe-shaped structure that encloses a large courtyard. In front, there are two medium-sized trees on either side of a sidewalk that leads up to the building's entrance. This university is one of the most prestigious in New York, and admission was not easy. But, thanks to Mathew, Scarlet's father, I was able to enroll here. A few students were milling about outside the building, with laughter and chatter filling the air. “Are you ready?” Scarlet inquired, bouncing on her heels beside me in delight. With a smile on my lips, I looked at my best friend.    “Are you ready, sweetheart?” Daddy inquired. I was hiding behind daddy's leg, overwhelmed by a large number of students my age. Some were crying, unable to leave their parents' side, while others appeared unconcerned. Scarlet's father was attempting to cheer up the crying Scarlet. To say I was nervo
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3. Lose Faith
As I stand in the middle of the Cielo club, the red and green lights blind my eyes. The knee-length dress that is hugging my body and that I put on after much deliberation appears to be nothing compared to the revealing dresses that the other girls are wearing tonight here. This is a relief to me because I was hoping that my attire (chosen against my wishes by my so-called best friend) wouldn't draw the attention of the male audience because, to be honest, I'm not looking forward to kicking someone's balls because they couldn't keep their hands to themselves. I'm not a fan of fancy clubs and partying. I've never attended one. I wasn't aware of many clubs in Worcester, and to be honest, I wasn't interested in that type of social activity. Furthermore, I've heard and seen enough news about all the girls who are drugged and used in these types of activities to keep me completely away from it. Scarlet reassured me that it only happens to 20% of the girls and that in
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4. New Home
The wind whipped against my face as I ran into the cold. I shivered, but not once did I slow down. I don’t know where I was running with my belongings, but it was somewhere that is new to me.  After walking for an hour, my legs started to ache so I sat on a bench on a sidewalk, bringing my knees up into my chest. Scarlet's face paled as soon as she saw me leaving and begged me to stay. But I didn't listen and walked out of the apartment with a stone face. Pride is something I inherited from my father. And my pride wouldn't let me stay any longer, knowing that my only friend had trust issues with me. As soon as I stepped out of her apartment, I was overcome with feelings of helplessness and fear, but as I previously stated, my pride drove me to walk in the streets with my belongings at this hour of the night. Scarlet is so enamored with her boyfriend that she believes everyone else is wrong. She's a very vulnerable girl, and everyone uses this to the
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5. Do I have an option?
Today's surroundings appear to be quite peaceful and warm, so instead of taking the bus or traveling with Scarlet to university, I decided to walk. I appreciated having this time to prepare for my presentation. Within minutes, the weather changed, and the blue cloud turned dark grey, and raindrops began to fall. "Great," I grumbled to myself as I gazed up at the grey cloudy sky. When I didn't have to walk around in it, I enjoyed the rain. I drew my hoodie over my head and began running. "If only I had brought an umbrella, I would have enjoyed this," I grumbled as I rounded the corner. I looked up at the shops that lined the streets and the people who were either seeking shelter or simply enjoying the rain. My clothes were adhering to my body like a second skin, which irritated me. I dashed to a small bus stop just a few feet away. I stood beneath the awning and placed the bag beside me before squeezing the water from my hair. I
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6. Dishonesty
"Hello," Scarlet said, nervously fidgeting in front of my table. I was eating my vegetable sandwich at a round wooden table under a large maple tree. "Hey," I said quietly. I didn't want to show any emotion in response to her presence, so I kept my face expressionless. “May I sit here?” she inquired cautiously. Before returning to my sandwich, I nodded. She took the bench across from mine. “How are you doing?” “Had seen better days,” I said casually, and she nodded, guilty-looking. “Are you still upset with me?” she asked softly, and I sighed deeply. “I'm not angry, Scar; I'm just disappointed.” I leaned forward and clicked my tongue. "Do you honestly believe I'll do that to you? That I'll cheat on you, and with that jerk?” “I know you won't,” she said, shaking her head. "I'm not sure what hit me that day. Maybe it was the alcohol,” she exhaled deeply, shaking her head, “I know that's not a good reason, but please accept my apo
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7. Fighter
Karolia's POV “Hey,” someone said in my ear from behind me, and I shrieked as fear ran through my body and I turned around. “Scarlet!” I unintentionally pushed her face away from mine, which was very close to mine. “I didn't mean to scare you,” she quickly admitted, her eyes widening and her hands raised in surrender. To calm my racing heart, I took deep breaths. “Anyway...” she began, her face breaking into a smile, immediately changing the subject. “I have a surprise for you,” she exclaimed, her blonde hair dangling from its usual ponytail. My brows twitched in bemusement as she took two tickets from her bag and handed them to me. “I got UFC tickets!” she exclaimed, bouncing on her heels. “UFC?” “Underground fight club,” she squealed again, and I looked at her blankly. “I think you're crazy”  “Nope,” she replied, popping the letter p, which irritated me. “What makes yo
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8. Learning to ride Ducati
Logan drove around the corner into the familiar picturesque and sophisticated neighborhood. “Logan,” I said, sitting up straight and resting my hands on his shoulders. The heavy rain has stopped and it is now just drizzling. “Please take me to Scarlet's apartment,” I requested. He ignored me and drove down the streets until we arrived at the gate leading to Watson Mansion. I shook his shoulders in frustration because he was ignoring me. He grumbled, "Couldn't you have told me when we were on the main road?" He entered the gate passcode, and the massive gate slowly opened to reveal the stone path. “It slipped my mind,” I admitted, feeling guilty. I was so engrossed in the ride that I completely forgot about it. “I told Grecia I was going to spend the night at a friend's house, and she will be suspicious if she sees me for breakfast,” I said quickly. “Then don't leave the room until mom leaves,” he said impassively as he parked the Ducati in the opulent
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9. Torn Pages
"If you take more than two minutes to finish that small burger, I'll leave you here and be on my way." Logan's arms were crossed as he glared. "It's not my fault you ate the food as soon as it arrived," I mumbled as I cut a small piece from the burger and placed it in my mouth. I raised an eyebrow when he gave me a strange look. What! We can also eat a burger like this. "Lord," he said as he threw his napkin on the table and stood up, taking his keys and phone with him. "What are you doing?!?" "Enjoy your leisurely time here," he said sarcastically. "I've got work to do," he said as he walked away. After taking one more bite, I huffed and stood up, sprinting to catch up with him. "Such a jerk," I mumbled as I wiped my fingers with tissue paper. "Heard that," he said as I walked alongside him, and I rolled my eyes. As if I care! "Karrie!" When I heard someone yell my name, I turned around in disbelief. Scarlet waved from af
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10. Night Terrors
WARNING: There are a few thoughts on the idea of cutting. So read it at your own risk. Sorry :) "Kill you, kill you, kill you," the green-eyed man yelled into my ear repeatedly. I tried to cover my ears with my hands, but I couldn't move them. They were all tied to a pole above my head. I tried to scream, but there was no sound coming out of my mouth. I tried to move my legs but couldn't feel them move. I tried everything, but my body was numb and unresponsive. I'm feeling helpless. The green-eyed man scowled at me and drew a knife from behind. The knife's silver color glistened in the bright moonlight, its sharp edges sending shivers up and down my spine. He raised his hand to the sky before stabbing me in the chest. But I didn't feel any discomfort. I didn't have any feelings. It was as if souls had been reversed. My mother was the one who was tied to the pole instead of me. She screamed as he pierced her chest with th
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