Chapter 14





chapter fourteen

They’d witnessed Baker’s crash from around the corner. 

Just as they’d reached the bottom of the lift and scoped out the lobby area, which was teeming with animated Sleepers, they’d seen the sergeant break cover. He’d made his way down the east side of the hospital, but still had to cross this patch to get to the ambulance bay. That’s when he’d run into trouble.

Their descent hadn’t exactly been uneventful either, Andrew could testify to that. Halfway down the shaft they spotted a figure above, standing and looking down at them... yet not really looking, because how could you look when your eyes were healed over? He’d begun following them anyway. At first they’d thought it was the Sleepers who’d broken through the locked double-doors, but then Jackson recognised his comrade hanging there—mask gone now, re-animated by the virus that was all around them. ‘Shit: Coleman.’ His voice echoed up the shaft and seemed to urge the ma
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