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Jason Derrick, a 27-year old man. Cold, dreadful and callous criminal feared by others. A high- ranked individual in his confraternity. One whose identity is hidden by all except for three people. He's known as "Black Moon" because of his unique dress code featuring the black colour throughout. His heart is hardened because of the hurtful events he has encountered. He hardly gets sentimental over anything and has nothing to do with girls. A handsome billionaire. Skilled and highly qualified in the professional field. He has two lives. A deadly killer at night and a Hardworking CEO on a blissful day. The day and night have their specific duties. He lives in an isolated region, never been traced. Having lost his family in the most traumatic way and his fiancée, Rose, in the hands of a deadly nefarious man- Stone, He has not been better. However, Stone manipulates him by blackmailing him into doing his criminal activities because of a secret which is to be concealed till death, but his life encounters a change when he met a lady known as Stacy. Stacy Torres is a 24 year old lady. A workaholic, dedicated to her job. She has won many rewards for being the best in her department and company. She lives alone and the daughter of the once-successful business man, Mr Richmond Torres. Despite being very rich, she stooped low to work in a company other than hers. She's a kind soul and naive about some essential parts of life . Everything hovering around her life made her a target for Stone. Her life is in total danger as many thugs and gangs are after her. With happenings around, Jason and Stacy had to live together. Will Stacy be of help to Jason or not? Will Jason be free of Stone?

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This book showed up on my recommend and I'm loving the intro so far.
2023-03-23 02:57:50
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Okoye Martha
please, I'm writing an exam. Anyone reading should please pardon me. I promise to post more chapters, once I'm done. thank you guys
2022-08-21 09:36:08
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Okoye Martha
Can someone please tell me he/she feels about the novel so far...?
2022-08-01 22:32:32
user avatar
Wowww!!! I am starting to love this story, can't wait to read the next chapter.
2022-07-13 22:39:37
89 Chapters
Chapter One "Let me go, please" a lady pleaded as she was dragged forcefully by some masked guys"Shut up! Who told you it's safe at night, especially for ladies like you? A hefty masked man dressed in a black jacket and trousers with red shoes stepped in and yelled loudly. The man has a large deep old cut on his face which gave him this dreadful look. He had this red hat above his scattered black hair. In his hand, lay a short cigarette which he has been smoking since."I'm sorry, but please just let me go, I promise not to be late again." She replied trembling greatly with fear."Everyone leave at once and Pablo, get me Moon" He growled. The boys left immediately as if their lives depended on it.Pablo, stood there trembling in fear. "And what's with you? The hefty masked man from earlier asked."Stone! You know how callous and ruthless Moon is, he may have my head if I knock on his door without notice," he replied facing downwards, shivering.Stone gasped and dialled a number. "Y
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The Catch
"What are you doing here?! Moon yelled "I...I... Stacy stuttered. Her eyes met his blue metallic eyes, piercing hers, waiting for an explanation. He creased his brow at her making her speak immediately. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help but admire your face." She blushed "My face?" he asked lowly. "My face!" he yelled as his hand went to his unmasked face. He stood up abruptly from where he was and faced the window, placing his hand on it with his face down. "You are not meant to see my face!" He yelled angrily. She got scared "I'm sorry, I couldn't sleep. She stood up slowly, picked up the mask and tried handing it to him. With her gaze down. "Here's your mask, I swear I won't peek" He yanked the mask off her hands, and turning to her, he gasped and stood akimbo. "Hey!" He called out. Stacy couldn't lift her face, she was damn scared to death. "Hey! Stacy, right? Look up, you have already seen my face, what's with that?" He arched his brow at her. He moved towards the switch a
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The New CEO
Picking up her disturbing land phone, Stacy sluggishly placed it on her ear."Hello" she mouthed slowly"Babe! I've been calling for ages, what happened to your phone? I had to go to my contact book to get this damn old number." Her best friend sounded concerned from the other side of the phone."Are you sick? You didn't even call me to tell me that you won't be at work today, I was patiently waiting since morning but I perceived something to be wrong when I didn't see you throughout the day" she breathed out."Bethany, I'm sorry, I haven't been myself since yesterday" Stacy replied slowly. " I'll make it up to you, I promise" she whined."No need, I'm already at your doorstep, come open up""What? Stacy rushed out, opening the door. She saw Bethany In front of the door."Hi", she greeted and got her way in while Stacy followed suit.Bethany slumped on the fluffy couch, picked up the remote and switched on the TV. "Good morning Stacy, jeez! You look worn out and pale. What's popping? S
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It's happening again
After the meeting, Stacy went to Jason's office to drop off the minutes of the meeting. "Hello? She greeted while Infront of the door but without receiving any response. She opened the door and walked in. No one was seen in the office, she quietly walked to the table to drop off the documents. Dropping the file, Jason came out of a semi-door and stopped at the sight of Stacy. Stacy stiffened and immediately dropped the file. Good day sir" she shivered at his sight Jason stood there without a word, he sat down and picked up the file "And this must be?" He arched his brow "The minutes of today's meeting" she mumbled inaudibly. Jason observed how nervous she was and chuckled inwardly. "Ms!" He called out lowly, causing Stacy to look up and directly at him "Huh? Her eyes widened "Is anything wrong? Why are you acting like someone suffering from a cold? Or do I look scary?" Jason asked with his hand massaging his chin "No sir, forgive my manners." Her voice trembled "Better and
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The Fight
Stacy started struggling to free herself, making petty noises as tears trailed down her face. Seeing a masked person wasn't what she expected or wanted again"Stop," the person said and removed his mask. She gasped when she saw her CEO, Jason and immediately stopped her struggles. Jason released his grip from her as she held her mouth scared.The thug from earlier passed them, still looking for her. The two stood still to avoid making noises that would attract the thug. After 5minutes straight, when it seems like the thug had gone far. Jason shifted from the girl and dipped his hands in his pants pocket as he heaved."I thought someone would have learnt her lessons after "such experience," He said, looking quite angry as he got rid of imaginary dust off his cloth."I didn't know when... Emmm... I thought I had more time... The work was..." She was still stuttering when he cut her off."Breath in and out, calm down" He assured. Stacy breathed in and out and suddenly became calm.Her face
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Stacy stumbled and was about to fall when Jason rushed and caught her by the waist. She giggled and turned to Jason patting his chest. "Samuel, why did you leave me?" She uttered, blinking slowly."Huh?" Jason muttered surprised. What the fuck?Stacy began hitting his chest. "I was loyal and I loved you with all my heart, but you broke my heart, she wasn't even that good looking" she put her head down, making her hair fall too.Jason kept staring at her while holding her all surprised. Immediately, she raised her head, startling Jason. She squinted her eyes and started tapping Jason's forehead with her forefinger. "Urgh, what's your prob..." Stacy cut him blabbing "Samuel, why did you make out with Alya of all people, my best friend" She began sniffing..., Rubbing her nose "Oh no, don't you dare..."Jason whined tiredly. Stacy started crying and quickly sat on the floor, freeing herself from "the shocked Jason."Jason was more flabbergasted with all she had said, especially with the
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Knock! Knock! Stacy got no response. Knock Knock! "Urgh!" She gasped and moved in seeing that the door was opened.Jason can be seen lying down, facing the window. The room was dark. Stacy's finger trailed the wall and she switched on the lights. She quickly dropped the meal she was carrying and went straight to the bed. She sat beside Jason, staring at him closely.His eyes were closed. He lay down comfortably and smiled. "Jeez! What's that?"Stacy gently lifted her right hand to reach his face which she has been admiring since she sat there.She let out a smile, gasped and moved her hand towards his face. Immediately, Jason caught her hand with his eyes shut.Stacy's eyes widened and she watched in awe. "like what the?"He scratched his head and gently opened his eyes. He creased his brow and asked" what are you doing here?""Emmm, I came to drop your lunch, it's... L...unch time, isn't it?" She chuckled nervously."Oh really? It seems like I can't even have a proper sleep in my o
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Jason got to his room and dropped the briefcase. It had documents and some illegal substances in it. He scoffed and facepalmed himself."Until when? He muttered. His phone rang and he picked it up. "I heard you did a pretty good job all alone" Stone's voice sounded happily over the phone. "Are you done talking? Jason asked hoarsely "My boys will have to retrieve it at 6 am Tomorrow get ready to crawl out from your little hiding cave. Till then mate. Stone hung the call"Urgh! What's this? He threw his phone over the bed and undressed. His stomach grumbled and he left in search of dinner. Getting to the living room, Stacy was seen sitting down on the sofa, sleeping. Jason rolled his eyes and headed toward her. "Stacy? Stacy? He got no response. He squatted in front of her, staring at her face.Stacy bit on her lower lips making them moist and Jason's eyes widened. He jerked up, totally not knowing what to do."What should I do?" He asked himself when an idea turned up in his head, c
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Oakson Alley
Jason observed her countenance but uttered no word. He turned to his phone, acting all engrossed with it.Stacy got in and sat down with dimmed eyes and a saddened look. "Could you please take me home? I'll like to verify something" Jason watched her with an expressionless face and asked "where? "Home" she mumbled. Oakson Alley" Jason turned to his steering wheel and moved away from the area. Oakson Alley appeared lonely and the chirping of birds could be heard. A tall tree stood above a bungalow with its branches dancing to the breeze. The breeze made sizzling sounds as the leaves rustled. Stacy stepped out of the car and ran towards the bungalow. She got to the house and knelt on the stairs, in front of it. The place was mercilessly wrecked, the door was knocked out and the windows were broken. The roof had conspicuous holes. She managed to lift herself from the stairs and rushed into the house. The appliances were broken and scattered all over the living room. She was bewildered b
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It's Monday. "Thank God, it's Monday" Stacy muttered lowly and stretched her limbs, yawning. Sighting the small clock on a table beside her bed, she jerked up from the bed "It's 5 am already, what to do? What to do?" She bit her lower lip and rushed to dress up. Ascending the stairs, she could see Jason in a tuxedo already dressed for work. He held his files as he glared at her. "I'm so sorry to keep you waiting" she squinted her eyes and caught up to him. Without uttering a word, Jason moved to the door and headed to his car while Stacy followed suit. He got into the car, waiting for her to get in. "Can't he be a gentleman and at least open the door for me?" She thought as she opened the door and sat down, pouting. The ride was silent as no one talked to each other. Stacy bit her finger nervously wondering how they will be seen together at the workplace. They got to a bus stop, some meters away from the company and the car stopped."What now? Stacy mumbled. Jason took out some cash
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