“ Daddy ! “ said Angelo rushing towards them .

He grabbed Damian’s arm and pulled him .

“ Please don’t be angry with my daddy today Damian . I wanna swim with you . Join me ! “ said Angelo .

“ ….Saved by your little kid once again . “ said Damian with a smirk .

“ He is my angel . “ said Antonio with a proud smile after his son got him away from Damian’s claws .

They walked to the pool and Antonio sat down at their place . When they took off their shirts , Antonio gulped a little when he saw the strong abs of Damian .

‘ What great abs….. ‘ thought Antonio with an amazed expression .

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goodnovel comment avatar
when will Antonio find out that Damian is his abuser when he destroyed Antonia's life and that he's Angelo's biological dad, this shit is too draggy lol taking forever to get to the point.

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