When Damian heard him , he opened his eyes wide and went near Antonio .

“ I will come with you . “ said Damian walking ahead .

“ No ! Angelo just woke up and he needs someone to stay with him . You better take care of him . “ said Antonio .

“ My parents and your parents can take care of him until we go for a visit and come back . After all you will not be spending the night there , will you ? That’s crazy . “ said Damian with a fake smile laughing the matter off .

“ Damian , in case you haven’t realised the situation , allow me to explain it to you again . Axel blocked a bullet for me . A bullet that could have take my life . He nearly died because of me . The east I can do is go visit him and take care of him until he gets better . “ said Antonio who was trying to keep his cool .

“ Still….. “ said Damian but Antonio stopped him .

“ I don’t want to hear any excuses . You will stay here with our son . End of discussion . “ said Antonio .

Damian couldn’t stand the idea that Ant
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