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I waited for mom to come back to the room, and it's been over an hour, yet she hasn't returned.

"What's going on?" I asked and left in search for her, my feet gained entrance into the living room and found everywhere quiet, everyone must have gone to bed!!, Initial I thought so, ambling outside the mansion.

I kept on searching for her with so much running through, I went behind and stumbled on a room at the back of the mansion.

I noticed the door locked with a padlock , something asked me to check and so I did, I peeked through the glass window and found nothing out of the ordinary.

"Mom!! Where are you?".

( That's my sub conscious talking, as I left and walked back inside)

Two hours passed and yet mom seems not to have return, out of fear, I went on knocking at the door of master Leonardo, rather some one else walked out to meet me.

"Yes!! May I help you?".

The wife of master Leonardo frowned seeing me at her front door, I geared my eyes inside trying to find if he was in, but again she nudged me back with the snap of her fingers, asking the  same question.

So I said, "ma'am!! I'm sorry for disturbing you but I cannot possibly find my mom".

"Okay!! But tell me, why are you here?". She added, but i had my eyes over the second I saw master Leonardo ambling out of the bathroom.


He turned heeding to my voice, "Chris!! What's going on?" He asked and I told on the truth, immediately, he wore his robe and walked out with me.

Before my eyes, we ransacked the whole mansion with the whole staff, and while we searched, one of them, rushed in carrying mom in his hand.

"Oh my gosh!! Where did you find her?" I asked and he went on telling the truth after laying here down on the couch.

"She was locked at the storage room?".

( He informed)

"What? How's that possible?". Master Leonardo join to the conversation, running a curious look on his counternace, and he wasn't the only one, I also was curious to the know the truth.

We all waited for her to regain consciousness, the same time Keith strolled in and without saying a word, headed to the kitchen.

Something tells me that whatever that happened, Keith's name in involved, "please excuse me?". I said and went to the same place Keith walked in.

Keith opened the fridge, and took notice of my presence behind through the glass window beside him.

"What !! Why are you staring at me?".(his words to me)

I gained more feet closer and answered, "you tell me!!! what did you do to my mom?".

Keith laughed at my comments, his laughter felt like he was indirectly making fun of me, after the laughter seized, he lets out to me.

"Look here!! I don't know where you got the idea that I did something to your mother but please this should be the last time, a person like you accuse me and if you try this next time, I'll report you to my mom!!".

( He vents and walked out of the kitchen)

A few head count, I left and saw mom seated with master Leonardo beside her, I rushed in and heared him ask the pending question in our mind.

"Allison!! Do you perhaps know, who locked you in the room?". 

"No!! Sir!! I don't?". She affirmed finally taking notice of me.

"But can you please tell me who sent you to the storage at the first place?". Master Leonardo added and mom spoke up again, "sir!! It was your son!! Master Keith, he asked me to get him a pack of cigarettes in  and while I searched for it inside the storage room, I took heed of something locking the door trapping me in".

( Shocked look on our faces, as she lets out the truth, Ugh!! I'm going to kill Keith tomorrow morning)

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