Author: Faria_Samira

The Beginning

   An ancient and deserted cottage emerged from numerous thick clusters of some gigantic, wild trees in the corner of a city. It had been given up almost hundred years ago and it had some rumours for its look, as no one was living there. But the most strange thing was, there was a very significant, annihilating machine concealed by some people. No one knew about that except the subduers of this planet, apparently.

And except him.

He removed his jet-pack and walked briskly to the mouldy cottage. He was secretly very nervous, although he tried to look simple-hearted. Nobody paid attention at him that much and they kept working, walking or doing their own things. Suddenly, a kid riding a flying bycycle almost hit at his back, then quickly landed beside him.

"Hey, I'm so sorry!" the kid balanced the cycle and glanced at him. "I'm not very good at this, but I keep practising, don't I? Sometimes it's very difficult to control, it just goes beyond my hands and so I've already five accidents. But they weren't so serious, just some stitches on my body!" The kid spoke breathlessly, panting and beside him, while he was wondering what the hell was wrong with this little boy.

Brain malfunction? Sudden nerve attack? 

"I've also earned a red sign in my cycle for my reckless driving. But what can I do, tell me? I love to fly my cycle. Anyway, you didn't get hurt, did you, eh?"

He shook his head, feeling slightly irritated.

  A cheerful smile immediately appeared in the kid's face and he grabbed the handles of his cycle, starting to paddle. A few moments later, he flew over a palm tree and lost control again and crashed on the ground.

"Nice job, kid," he simply commented and began to walk on his way.

    He went at the back of the cottage, hiding himself behind a tree. He pulled out a pair of spectacles from pocket, which could detect any invisible object or any infrared rays. He wore them with his slightly shaking fingers, then realised that his suspicion was true.

A silvery robot was standing near of the cottage, his hands were clenched and its mechanical blue eyes were alert, moving vigorously.

"Bloody hell!" he muttered and kicked the black stem of the tree, but it didn't make any sound. His brain started to think about what he should do next. Maybe he should have gone back to his dormitory, to hang out with his friends. But his mind didn't agree with that, so he slowly roamed eyes around the place and it was peacefully quiet, except the birds sweet humming and fallen leaves sounds. The robot walked to the front door and he knew he couldn't vanquish that broad-shouldered robot with his strength. And at that moment, fortunately, he discovered a tiny window was opened of a bedroom. 

He smiled.

  Although the window was too small, he could manage to enter in the room and jumped into it without any sound.

And there was the TIME MACHINE.

  The room was dark, because the natural satellite Nool's light couldn't reach here for the deep forest around. But the slight light was enough for him to recognize the machine.

  The machine was round-shaped, blue-colored, glittery and glowed with some buttons. This was invented by an unknown scientist and it had some difficulties, too. His heart began to beat very fast and he stared at the blank, white screen for which he had come here, with his life hanging in the balance.

"Just one minute." He whispered, "then I will see my mother. Only one minute."

He started to write on the screen by his index finger, he could feel his skin sweating hard. He tried to think what would happen because of the thing he was doing then, both good and bad.

"The Time War, 13 February, 1979." He wrote.

  Then he closed his eyes, waiting for to return in the precious past. He was waiting for the moment to disappear everything around him, that filthy cottage, the giant robot outside, the smell of beeswax, nothing but his mother's pretty face would appear before his eyes...

But instead, he felt a firm hand gripping his shoulder.

"What the heck do you think you're doing, you little stupid Plancee?" a bald-headed person said through gritted teeth, standing behind him, that man's eyes were red and horrible and intense.

And he wanted to prepared himself for the worst.

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