The End

Deadly silence follows around. As the storm seemed to subside along with him.

The tremors seize, dark clouds start fading as everyone stands in the corner of the cliff, looking down.

" No.... Alexandria Nooooooooooo...........!!!"

Silas screams. Holding his hair in his hand. Looking around, anxious, afraid.

" I can't happen...

" Alexandriaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!"

He screams making his voice to echo around to get nothing in response. Volkan falls down on his knees, crying. Holding his face in his hand.

As Daniel stands behind Thora. Holding her. Stopping her from falling down. She was silent, but he knew there was chaos and storms underneath she was hiding.

" No..o"

She speaks only one word and next they know. Silas was running back, screaming orders at the wolves wh

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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
I thought that was one of the best stories Iv red in a very long time
goodnovel comment avatar
Kartini Kumar
You know how to surprise us, dear fantastic author! I am super happy for Alex and Thaneos ... but I was surprised that Thora chose Daniel instead of Volkan. ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Kriti Singla
amazing...but I never thought it will be the ending...specifically I the case of Volcan n thora

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