Chapter 9 Soul Snatcher, Grim Reaper

The duo did not answer but continued to walk toward them.

An unsettling emotion swiftly spread in the guards.

The leading guard facing the duo directly also felt an imposing pressure coming at him, causing him to quiver.

Finally, the duo stopped in their tracks and stood a few meters away from everyone. The plump guy swept his gaze across everyone and finally fixed his eyes on Caspian, saying, "We’re Soul Snatcher and Grim Reaper, and we're ordered to take away Caspian's life, a criminal of Salleria."

"Soul Snatcher and Grim Reaper!"

The guards at the scene instantly exclaimed, and their faces were pale.

Even Penny could not help but tremble.

Everyone knew that Soul Snatcher and Grim Reaper were Salleria's infamous killer duo. Unfortunately, none of their targets managed to escape their deadly grasp.

Hence, no one knew what Soul Snatcher and Grim Reaper looked like either.

Nonetheless, they would have never expected that two figures, who were like Hell's messengers, would appear at the border at this moment and want to take away Caspian's life.

Surprise, astonishment, fear, doubt, and other emotions instantly appeared on the surrounding guards' faces.

Soon, Caspian put down the meal that he was halfway through. He could not help but sigh. "Don't you understand? These two are killers that are groomed by Carson."


The guards present were all stunned, but they quickly regained their senses. Carson was the recently crowned prince! He was Caspian's half-brother from another mother!

However, what was more shocking for the guards was not that Soul Snatcher and Grim Reaper were Carson's subordinates, but Carson, as the younger brother, actually engaged in fratricide and sent out killers to murder Caspian!

"I've guessed it earlier. Based on Caspian's personality, it must be so hard for him to restrain himself until now before letting you attack me."

Caspian carried his Meteorite Sword and slowly stood up. Then, he looked at the guards around him and uttered, "I know that this is not related to you, so you can leave. I won't blame any of you."

His words immediately made the guards' hearts skip a beat.

Initially, their attitude to Caspian was extremely contradictory. Secretly, they respected his glory, but at the same time, they despised his conduct.

Nonetheless, even a fool could have guessed the clue at this time.

"Your Highness!" The leading guard's eyes widened in anger. As he was too agitated, they could hear him gritting his teeth.

"You won't be able to escape." Soul Snatcher, who was the plump man in white, burst into evil laughter. Next, he shook his wrist slightly, and the iron claws on his waist swiftly slipped into his hands.

As for the skinny man in black, Grim Reaper, he still appeared indifferent, standing aside with his arms crossed and not saying anything.

"The prince ordered that the seventeen cavalry who colluded with the traitor, Caspian, must be killed without mercy!" When Soul Snatcher yelled the last word, he rushed toward the leading guard like a cannonball out of its chamber.

Then, the leader took his halberd and aimed at the white silhouette, directly stabbing him.

However, Soul Snatcher's iron claws hooked on the blade, and the halberd bent unbelievably. The leader was shocked, and his body could not help but fall to the side.

Next, Soul Snatcher roared, swung his arm hard, and the iron claws grabbed on the blade. Then, he forcefully grabbed the halberd over. Then, as if he was throwing a javelin, he threw the halberd out like lightning.


A dark light flashed. Before the guard standing the furthest from them could react, the halberd pierced through his chest, and he instantly flew out.

With a cracking sound, he was nailed to a rock.

The guard died with eyes open, and the huge wound on his chest was bleeding uncontrollably.

Even though Soul Snatcher was plump, he showed agility that did not match his physical appearance. He quickly reached the leading guard, swept the iron claws across, and cut off the guard's arm. Then, he crossed his arms around the guard's neck.


The guard's head flew up, and blood was rushing out.

Soon, the leader's headless body swayed a few times and fell to the ground.

In the twinkling of an eye, two men were killed.

Those who were selected as soldiers were not ordinary people. The guards that escorted Caspian this time were mainly at the first stage of True Martial Realm, and the leader was at the second stage of the True Martial Realm.

Nevertheless, he was like a defenseless cub in front of Soul Snatcher, letting Soul Snatcher torture him as he wished.

The remaining guards did not surrender and rushed toward Soul Snatcher.

Perhaps they felt guilty for Caspian, or they were hoping to win with their number of people and escape this alive, but the guards chose to face the battle instead of retreating.

Shortly, the scene turned into a slaughterhouse.

Penny's body shook nonstop, and her face was as white as a sheet.

Even though she was punished to the concubine's palace residence due to her implication with Caspian, she had never seen such a bloody sight.

"Your Highness… What… What should we do…" Penny hugged Caspian's arm tightly.

"I'll protect you." Caspian lightly patted Penny's shoulder. Then, he looked indifferently at Soul Snatcher's iron claws, which were penetrating a guard's lower abdomen with ease at the moment.

Soul Snatcher pulled out the guard's intestine and pulped it. "The third stage of the True Martial Realm, right."

"What… What about them…" Penny clenched her jaw as she tried her best not to cry.

"I've given them a chance to leave. Instead, they chose their current path." Caspian shook his head.

His experience on the battlefield gave him a dim view of life and death, which also made him understand that no one had the right to choose someone else's path in life.

Since the guards chose to face the battle, they should accept its outcome even if it meant sacrificing themselves.

Despite achieving the second stage of True Martial Realm, the leader could not even last long against Soul Snatcher. Hence, the first stage of True Martial Realm soldiers would be like a piece of cake for Soul Snatcher.

After a short showdown, the scene was left with a pile of disfigured corpses on the ground.

One of the guards had a big hole on his chest, but he was not completely dead yet. He looked at Caspian with his eyes widened, and his lips moved as if he wanted to say something. However, blood was continuously flowing out from his throat, and he could not utter a single word.

Caspian walked forward and pierced through the guard's heart with his sword. This was also a way to lessen his sufferings.

"Alright. Only the two of you are left now," Soul Snatcher said as he shook the blood away from his iron claws.

He just killed seventeen men in a row, yet there was not a single drop of blood on his white shirt.

He noticed that Caspian was holding his sword and could not help but chuckle. "Caspian, you've lost your skills, and you're on the same level as an ordinary man. Even the few men could not compete against me. Are you sure you want to fight me stubbornly? Why don't you just let me behead you and let us leave early to report the completion of our mission? Then, maybe we'll still remember your good deeds and light up a few joss sticks for you or something. After all, you were once the young hero that I admired."

There was indescribable ruthlessness and contempt in his words.

Penny gritted her teeth as she secretly held a sharp hairpin in her palm.

She decided if Caspian met a bad end, she would immediately end her life.

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