Chapter 2007 It’s All Hard-Earned Money

After a while, Nicole finally realized who “that woman” was referring to.

Angie was the one who abducted her.

Nicole pursed her lips and shook her head.

The ruthlessness in Clayton’s eyes finally faded a little, and he quickly hid his emotions.

Clayton touched Nicole’s wrist, which had gotten skinnier, and felt even more heartbroken.

“That’s good. If she dares to hurt my baby, I’ll definitely get back at her.”

Nicole was gratified to see Clayton like this. Perhaps she felt a strong attachment to him because she had just regained consciousness. She also felt aggrieved.

“She has a big Tibetan Mastiff that’s really scary. No one can get past it.”

Clayton’s eyes flickered. He smiled calmly and comforted her in a soft voice.

“Really? Don’t be afraid. It’s all over now. You won’t see that beast again.”

Nicole nodded and was not surprised.

She would not go to that island again, nor would she go to any island ever again in the future because of her various harrowing experiences on i
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Kamyll Torrence
this is dragging at this Point
goodnovel comment avatar
Lee Reigns
So if Clayton had Angie how did she get the opportunity to kidnap Nicole,
goodnovel comment avatar
Wtf was this I just read. All this is going in circles! Make your point and end the book!

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