Chapter 3_coffee and milk

Krrrrrkrrrrr krrrrrkrrrrr

The screeching sound of my phone woke me up. My eyes adjusted to the room as I looked over at the nightstand seeing the glorious light of my phone dominating my dark room.

"Elle, you better switch that thing off!" Uncle Mike shouted and from his tone I could tell he just awoke from his siesta.

What sort of dope calls at five in the morning?

Taking the phone in my hands, I answered with a weak hello.

"Enelor? Some documents are missing, I thought you counter checked these files before putting them away. Doesn't matter now, I need you here in half an hour to help me with this. I already sent Martin to pick you up"

And he hung up. Oh brother! This dude was nothing like his mother. Didn't he know that it was five in the morning? Didn't he have a freaking watch in his house?

Ok poor choice of words, he already had a Rolex watch which by the way, I noted while he scolded me for drinking his latte.

Creepily getting out of bed and making sure I wouldn't wake Oggie, I went to the shower brushed my teeth picked the loneliest clothing I could find in my dresser and went to stand on my porch waiting for a guy who looked like Martin to show up.

It didn't take seconds for a sleek car to park infront of my apartment. A guy with black shades got out of the car instructed me to come with him to which I gladly accepted simply because he looked like a Martin.

The bald head and all. Not that all Martins had bald heads but the guy sure looked like a Martin, all that muscle and grey hair.

It took twenty five minutes thirty six seconds to get there and before you ask yes I was that time conscious. I realized that within the short period I had collided with Niklaus Rogers one he hated tarty workers two he always looked for a mistake which is why even as I entered his penthouse, I made sure to check my clothing and smell myself to make sure my cheap perfume didn't spike any of his allergies if he had any.

The guy Martin calmly opening the door for me, I was amazed. The marble floor so spotless and clean that you could see your reflection on it. And the furniture forget the leather couches how about that fifty inch tv? Oh God. Where did I go wrong? Why didn't I get this life? And shoot was that a rock crystal vase?

It was on very rare occasions that I got to visit my bosses' houses. Now by rare, I mean never. Mrs Jenna never invited me to her home as she handled all her business at work. My bag still in my clutches, I almost dropped it when Sir Niklaus stood infront of me with his laptop.

Why did I almost drop my bag? A; Because he scared me. B; the fact that he casually wore a white vest and grey sweatpants and the fact that his muscles were exposed to human eyes. C; this was amusing, because in his left hand was a juicy bagel that made me swallow saliva to ward off the hunger that ate me from the inside.

"Good you are here. Come look at this, who ordered this and specifically who signed this document?" He asked walking ahead of me to the living room and I followed behind confused.

I didn't quite get the fuss of him looking over all those documents especially when his mother had been overseeing everything while he was away. When he asked about a specific document, I really had to rack my brain to remember every detail failure to that he would growl and simply say it was alright but I knew it was not alright because I could swear on Oggie's life that he was actually calling me stupid from the inside.

"Sir, I remember this one. Ma'am Drizella was the one handling this deal with the Indians. It's from this meeting that she got her boyfriend Prithik Raj," I smiled but it faded away the moment his serious face darted on mine.

"I'll make sure to tell my sister what a big fan of her love life you are,"he stated and I bit my lip.

Note to self, never tell him anything that involved his family.

We sat on his couch for what seemed like an hour and the weird thing was he was like ten feet away from me and I didn't mind that. I got the feeling he didn't like anyone invading his personal space and I respected that.

He stood up taking his laptop in his hands and I fought the urge to stare at his muscles contract and expand.

Walking away to what I assumed to be his room up the spiral staircase, I took it as my cue to leave.

"Ma'am I can drive you if you want" Martin suggested but I didn't want to stress him out.

"Thanks. I appreciate it, but the company is not far from here. I can walk or take a cab" Even though a cab cost a little more money than I would spend on the bus but he didn't need to know that.

"Sir won't like this you know" I could see the worry on his face but that man wouldn't worry if I got hit by a bus and got left on the road to die.

"He couldn't care less, Martin" I said walking away to the main gates.

True to my words though it hurt my wallet, I actually took a cab arriving at the company at ten minutes past nine.

Getting behind my armoire desk, I plopped in my seat switching on my computer and looking at the agenda of the day. Great! Today we had a conference meeting which meant that I would be getting out of work late which again meant that I wouldn't get to walk Oggie in the dog park.

Ms Drizella arrived at nine fifteen which was a bit surprising. Did she have a new suitor that she needed to impress?

What surprised me most was her waving her little manicured fingers at me to which I returned with the widest fake smile I could gather. Even Benny, her secretary seemed scared. And yes, Ms Drizella Rogers preferred a male secretary than a female one.

At exactly nine twenty, my grumpy boss showed up with the sweatpants and the vest now replaced with a black suit, white collar shirt and a blue striped tie.

"I need my coffee and milk" he said passing by me and getting into his office.

Coffee and milk? Was that like a codeword for latte or did he mean that literally? But why would he ask for milk? I mean who drank milk in an office. Settling myself on latte, I went ahead and got him latte only this time I didn't dilly dally but speed walked to his office.

Benny wishing me luck, I crossed my fingers knocking on his door slightly. Opening the door, I placed the cup of latte on his desk only to be stopped by this,

"Where's the milk?"he asked and I mumbled,

"In the coffee?"

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