Chapter Five




"What do you fucking mean by she's missing!" I barked in a low dangerous tone at the father of the bride I was supposed to be getting married to. 

We were supposed to be signing the arrangement papers. The Russians had always been taking advantage of the rivalry between both of our families to set their place as the number one supplier of weapons. Quitting the enmity between us and suing for peace and cooperation was the most feasible method of weakening Vladimir Petrov. It seemed to me that Marcus was backing out by giving me the bullshit that his daughter was missing. 

"She's nowhere to be found! She might have been kidnapped." 

My eyes narrowed suspiciously at him where he stood with a few of his men, if there was one thing I hated most, it was being deceived. 

The tension in the air was thick.

At any time, guns would be drawn, it would easily turn from
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Oh, he has seen and wanted her a long time. Hmmm.
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Shah Noor
Awesome nice story

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