Chapter Twenty two




Lucian was nowhere to be seen when I opened my eyes.

I could tell that it hadn't been long since he left since the space beside me was still warm. I tried to sit up but winced at the sharp burst of pain.

I barely had managed to get any sleep, even when I wanted it to take me away from everything, I remained awake and trapped in his brutal embrace.

I was drained out of strength.


There was not even the slightest hope for me.

He had stripped me of the last thing I was preciously hanging on to.

Even though I told myself that I didn't mean those words, my heart still felt aggrieved.

I felt as if I had betrayed the love me and Derek shared, and also in the worse of ways.

I still didn't understand why my body had reacted so intensely. I hated Lucian in the way I've never despised anyone. So how could it have happened to me?

At that moment, my body ha
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