I haven’t been in a club for a while, why there’s a lot of people even in weekdays?Aish

Blaine cast his gaze around the club, and he became increasingly dissatisfied as he noticed how crowded it was. He just agreed to Jake because he assumed there wouldn't be many people in here.

The club didn’t change. It’s still the same even after he took some time off. There are a lot of gays who are flirting with each other in every corner.

“Long time no see Blaine!” A guy in his twenties suddenly approached them

“Ohh, who’s that? A flirting buddy?” Jake whispered in his ears

Blaine also leaned closely to Jake “I can’t remember. You know that I stop coming in here a few months ago”

“Maybe one of your fuck buddy back then?

“Don’t you remember me Blaine? We slept with each other 5 months ago. Actually I can still remember how you shout my name while I

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