The Captive

The Captive

By:  The Dream Elixir  Ongoing
Language: English
6 ratings
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"I'm coming for you. No matter how far you think you can run, I can assure you that you can't hide and I'm closer to you than you think." Cassandra receives this letter from her mailbox. It's the millionth time she's been receiving these threats on a regular basis and her entire life is at stake and the tragedy of her life puts not only her but her husband, Mustafa on the edge as well, as Sandra is curious as to who is planning to desperately to put her in bondage again. Who could want to put her in captivity? Could it be her ex boyfriend, Dan? No. He didn't love her. He only broke her heart and cheated on her severally so there was no way on earth that he would want her. Could it be the loan shark that enslaved her when she was nine? Or could it be her mother placing yet another risky gamble over her life?

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This is a nice work of art. Just the synopsis and I'm in love. can't wait to read fully. Nice work Author 👍
2020-11-28 00:40:24
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The captive is one of the best books I have come across; it is thrilling and mind blowing. One book that made me feel lots of mixed emotions: pain, disappointment and so. This book is a must read!
2020-11-04 02:45:29
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Dorothy Smith
I like it but I wish it was one story and not two put together
2020-08-09 00:38:16
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J Kaloko
This book gets crazier & fascinating with each chapter. I never cried so much or was on edge while reading a book. It left a strong impact. It has great characters, plot, and great writing (I especially love the metaphors and symbolisms). It’s thrilling to read. The author is amazing, support her!
2020-07-30 03:07:18
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J Kaloko
Great and powerful book. It needs more attention! Support the author and her work. She is a genuine talent and she created a captivating story with great characters, powerful messages, intense and depressing moments, and a lot of emotions. I love it!
2020-07-19 22:12:27
user avatar
The comments are from 3 years ago and the book is still ongoing at 45 chapters. Is this maybe an abandoned project?
2024-03-01 18:05:19
46 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Gust of Wind
 Cassandra  I grew up in the midst of people who were used to experiencing problems. These people were very familiar with bad news, that they could sense it from miles away. Once a person from this group of people could sense something bad that's soon to happen, every
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Chapter 2: Peaky Roads and Glistening Waters
 Cassandra The sliding door rumbled up. Behind the man's silhouette, the ocean's broad expanse glistened in the moonlight. He must have pulled over at one of the many empty beach access turn offs along the highway. I don't know how far this stupid journey must have been bu
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Chapter 3: Sunny Fields
  "My name is Dan. I'm sorry if I startled you. I can't say much but I need to get you out of this field right now so you can get something to eat." He answered my question quickly. His arms were no longer wrapped around my waist, but we both were still seated on the ground. Ironically, I was now thankful for the length of the weeds because due to its length serving as a natural barrier, no could see us. 
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Chapter 4: Fiery Dungeons
 "How about I help you with that wish?" Dan asked, minutes after I had blown the fire out of the candle.  "If you could help me with that wish, you would have done it a long time ago. I know you can't do it. So I won't bother asking you to help me do it. Rather, I would pray for the one who can help me do it to do i
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Chapter 5: Hollow Tunnels
 I was livid and infuriated; red with anger and mortified. There was no way out for me now. I was never ever going to see my family nor my home again. In fact, maybe it's high time, I forgot about it and just accepted the fact that I was going to be in chains and ropes forever, thanks to Dan's extremely stupid move. I just could not bring myself to believe that he actually did this.  Now we were in the fiercest of all the dungeons in the entire castle;
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Chapter 6: Burning Routes
 "" Dan nearly cussed in a whisper but somehow, his voice had echoed through the room. My heart raced madly, I felt like It would stop pumping blood at a point. He looked at me pleadingly like he still had something left to do before jumping into the home with me.  The gun fired louder now. The loan shar
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Author's Notes
11/06/2020 ~ Queeneth and Sire's love story.           Have you ever heard, of a dreamer girl?
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Author's Notes
12/06/2020 ~ Queeneth & Sire's love story       You might think that she is a bit naive
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Chapter 7: Spooky Chambers
 Six years ago... "Your highness, your father commands your presence in his chambers right now and asked that I come to pick you." Mrs Jones said with a bow as soon as she walked into my room. 
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Chapter 8: Dark Curtains
 Eight years later.... "Cassandra!! Mummy is calling you to join the table for dinner!" My elder sister's voice rang out through the whole living room. I could not understand why she would not just knock at my door to inform me civilly  but she had to shout like she w
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