Game Over

Game Over

By:  Ifara Lee  Ongoing
Language: English
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The mistakes he made in the past, caused a grudge. Which is where a grudge, dominates a game. In the game there are always puzzles, so that anyone will be obsessed with ending this game. __________________ "I managed to find you again ... You will always be with me forever! " "You took me in this game! So, never regret ... If someday, you will lose me for the umpteenth time! " __________________ What games are being played in this story? Will a grudge end this game? Who will be the winner in this game? Behind Game Over, it is filled with mystery! Love, Betrayal and Regret will complete this game.

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20 Chapters
"You're so beautiful, Alice. Kenzo will definitely like your appearance" said Brissia Tiffany Johnson praising her daughter's beauty.  Her mother grabbed her daughter's shoulder, then stroked her daughter's long, wavy hair as a result of being curled on purpose."Have you prepared a present for Kenzo, sweet heart?"  asked Richard Johnson, her father. The man leaned against the doorway. Alice Gricelle Johnson. The 19 year old girl seemed shy and reluctant to answer her father's question. But the next second, she said quietly."I'll give him a present, when I've met Kenzo, Dad" replied Alice, blushing.The blush on Alice's cheeks, spontaneously made Brissia laugh.  Then she glanced at her husband in the doorway, who was staring flat and looking like he didn't care. But vaguely, Brissia could see the corners of her husband's lips were slightly pulled up before disappearing.Richard
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The night grew lonely.  In the dark sky covered the moon in half.  As if silent, waiting for the ruler's fate.  Only the moon is alone in silence, without any stars to accompany it.  The sound of nature in the breeze is singing deep solemnity. The sound of the wind rustled softly again, accompanied by snowflakes touching the young leaves that looked frozen, while the falling snowflakes fell to the ground, were swept away again and continued to be swept away by the night wind, again repeating itself in a cycle of time that seemed increasingly shorter."Stop, honey!"  said Bianca to the fat old man, who was her client tonight.  So that makes the man stop his car.Bianca pushed the man's mischievous hand from her crotch, and she got out of the car.  Not long before, Bianca exclaimed.  "Oh My God!"Hearing Bianca's scream, the man got out of the car too.Now, they were looking at
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2 years later....Bianca opened the door of the house, she invited a girl she accidentally found on the street. On a night where snowflakes fall."Come in, dear!"Sunlight penetrated behind the window blinds. The girl scanned the whole room, looking very simple.  The furniture in all corners of the room is not very much, like it just moved.  It wasn't long before he turned his head towards Bianca and he looked at Bianca in confusion."From now on, this is your home, you will stay with me here" said Bianca softly.But the next second, Bianca came to her senses when she realized that the girl's forehead was frowning, as if the girl was confused. Bianca immediately corrected her words, smoothing a few strands of hair that hung over the girl's face, she tucked the strands behind her ears."I mean, this is the new house for me and you. Mommy just bought this house, because the
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Since a month after her father's death, she has begun to accept all these harsh facts. She entered the mansions courtyard with slow steps, without knocking the door first."What are you doing Carlos ?!"The woman screamed hysterically when she found her husband was shirtless and was making out with a woman on the couch, in the living room of his mansions.The man who was called Carlos, immediately raised his head. He, who had been on top of the body and sucked on the woman's breast, was annoyed by the presence of his wife.His wife was clutching his mouth, followed by tears. Really she did not believe in her husband's behavior."Are you cheating on me, Carlos?"Carlos grinned, he squeezed her breasts, making the sexy sigh sound out of her lips. Then Carlos answered his damned wife's question."You can leave here, if you don't like watching us make love, Agatha!"
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In the morning, Kenzo was banging on the door of the mansions, seeing that he was angry."Dad!"  Kenzo shouted loudly.While Agatha was huddled by the flower pot, her gaze was blank and her psyche was hit hard.I don't know what happened to his mother, but Kenzo felt something was wrong. Him mother's condition looks apprehensive, him mother cries and screams when Kenzo just arrives at the mansions, his mother's gaze never focuses in one direction."Are you back?"The door opened and the welcome Carlos gave him so nonchalantly, made Kenzo feel amazed. Moreover, there was a lipstick stain on his father's lips."What are you doing, Dad? Why is Mommy outside?" Kenzo asked to the point.Carlos glanced pitilessly at Agatha, buttoning her shirt. His wife shook her head with frightened eyes, like seeing a ghost."I will divorce the woman. You must
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The next day, Caramel was sitting cross-legged on the couch. The girl watched Bianca who was putting lipstick on her lips, while mirroring in the small mirror in her hand. Bianca then glanced at the clock which showed 10:00 pm."Mom, can you quit your job?"  pleaded Caramel, her eyes watching Bianca's activity, who was busy applying lipstick to her lips."I can help you work, Mom. My salary as a cashier, enough to pay for our daily lives, Mom," said Caramel again.Instantly Bianca stopped putting lipstick on her lips, then she put her makeup kit in a bag. Bianca turned to look at Caramel with a worried look."You still wear a mask when you work, don't you?""Yes. Why Mom?" Caramel answered honestly.Relief immediately filled Bianca's face and that second made Caramel frown.  Caramel was confused by his mother's possessive behavior."Good girl. Don't let an
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Caramel's eyelids opened.  It was morning, it could be seen from the light that crept behind the curtains in the family room. Last night Caramel fell asleep on the couch, waiting for Bianca to return.Caramel stretched his hands up, she then got off the couch. Caramel's eyes stared at every corner of the house, looking very lonely.  Looks like last night his mother didn't come home.Then without feeling any weirdness, Caramel carried out his activities as usual. The girl took a short breath and she walked towards the kitchen.  Caramel opened the small cupboard at the top, he took out a box of cereal and a bowl and placed it on the mini bar.But before long, the sound of knocking on the door startled Caramel, the knock on the door was heard very loudly."Caramel, are you in there ?!"It was Aunt Megan's voice, sounding vulnerable and fragile. Caramel hurriedly stepped towards the d
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Caramel's footsteps were pounding fast in the hospital corridor. The girl's brown hair was flowing beautifully and the mask covered her mouth.  While Megan followed Caramel from behind, occasionally the old woman glanced around.When she arrived at the morgue, Caramel's whole body trembled as he stepped closer to Bianca's corpse which had been covered with cloth.  Megan went inside too.Previously, they had indeed been questioned by the hospital. Regarding what closeness exists between them and Bianca Hughes, and Megan said that they were Bianca's neighbors, then revealed that none of the families belonged to Bianca Hughes anymore.Initially, the hospital did not believe Megan's words, but Megan was able to ensure that they were close enough because during her life Bianca often visited her house."Caramel ..." Megan said quietly, holding Caramel's shoulder.The girl's heart was really
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1 month later... "Where's Seina?" Matteo asked the girl who served him. The girl's eyes felt familiar in Matteo's mind. But, he doesn't remember who those eyes look like, so he doesn't really bother about this. Moreover, the girl's face was covered by a mask on the mouth. "Seina?" the girl's voice was less clear because of the mask that covered her mouth. Matteo's expression looked confused, the tail of his eyes glanced at the closed door not far from his standing position, right to the right. "Yes, Seina works here and only she knows exactly what my order is like."  Matteo said, with one eyebrow raised and his hands in his trouser pockets. "I want Seina who is standing in front of me now!" "For a while, you can--" The girl's words didn't finish, because the door opened wide and revealed the figure of Seina Garcia Lopez, with the gir
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The first thing Caramel noticed when the door opened was Seina's disheveled appearance. Seina's hair that was tied up carelessly, her pink blouse looked tattered. Many red marks all over Seina's neck. "Sorry I can only open the door now. I was overcoming something earlier," said Seina with a gasping breath, causing Caramel to frown. "Did you fall?" Seina laughed.  "No, Caramel." "I heard a voice earlier--" "No. Nothing, Caramel. You just heard wrong." Seina cut off Caramel's words quickly. Then, Seina widened the door and invited Caramel to enter her apartment. "Come in!" Caramel entered Seina's modest apartment. Then the girl asked Seina.  "So what did you call me here for?" Caramel's gaze then stopped at one subject. The girl's gaze was fixed on the man she had seen this morning at Mr Luis's coffee shop.
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