Chapter III- I Still Love You

"We didn't break up yet so it's not over for us, we're still in a relationship Miya." Lorence firmly claimed.

"Don't make me laugh Lorence, our relationship back then isn't a big deal. We're just casually going out. Isn't that a thing that almost all teenagers do when they were in high school? You of all people should know that very well or do you want me to remind you? Your case is special from other kids since you've been going around dating everyone, you change partner from time to time, there was clearly no real relationship among them and that includes me. We just used to hang out for a while after that when we don't want each other anymore, we just need to find someone new. That's how you do things right Lorence?" Miya was still smiling after saying that.

Lorence took Miya's hand which she immediately pulls back.

"You knew that's not true, you were different from them. You're the one who left me without saying anything and now you're acting this way. Just what on earth happened to you Miya, you've changed."

"I didn't change, this is how I used to be. Maybe you just didn't know the real me, I guess it's understandable since our relationship back then really didn't make out of love so there's no need to pay close attention to each other. If you don't have anything to say to me I'm going to leave." Miya grab her things and was about to leave when "I still love you, Miya, I really do."

Miya snickered "Really??? Do you even hear what you're saying? The Lorence I knew back then didn't even know what love is so how can you just say those words easily? He just knows how to play with people's heart, treat them as his toy, do whatever he wants then just throw them out whenever he got bored. Maybe if you say those words to me back then, I will foolishly believe you and like a dog, I will come running waggling my tail in front of you. You didn't even say those words to me when we're still together and now you have the nerve to spit out that nonsense. Sorry but you're way too late now and thank you but I don't need and want that love especially if it's from you." Miya immediately leaves the cafe after saying those words.

"Wait, Miya!!" Lorence immediately catches up with Miya outside the cafe. "Why can't we just have a nice conversation, don't get angry first. Explain to me everything. I believed that I deserved an explanation. You're the one who left me, why are you the one getting angry?" Lorence said while raising his voice.

"An explanation!! hahaha if something doesn't change, it is that you didn't fail to make me laugh Lorence. Something didn't even need an explanation. You knew yourself what you did. You knew clearly why I have the right to be this way and I have all the right to get angry with you. But I can't still figure out the reason why I'm acting like this is maybe that first you really are an idiot or second is that you believed what you've done back then is right. There's no point in arguing with all of these. After all, it already happened, nothing will change no matter how much you are regretting now and also I'm tired of this conversation. Right now I don't even have the energy to talk to you so can we please stop, and if you're still claiming that we haven't broken up yet then let's make it formal. I'm officially breaking up with you, right here and right now. I can't do anything if you can't accept it, you can call me selfish and all but my decision is final. Let's end this now and stop seeing each other again." With that Miya turn around and left just as when she was crossing the road, a car appeared out of nowhere and it looks like the break of the car isn't working, with the great speed, it approach Miya's location in a split second.

"Miyaaaaa!!!!" Lorence who saw that scene appears before his eyes immediately run fast to push Miya away a second before Miya got hit. As a result, Miya was pushed to the side while Lorence was the one who was hit and suffered the heavy impact of the car.

Though his senses are getting weaker and his eyesight becomes blurry he still saw Miya sitting beside him while crying. Seeing that scene broke his heart, he realized that he doesn't want to see Miya crying, he wanted to wipe her tears away but he didn't have any strength left to move his arms. His senses and strength are slowly fading away but he didn't regret what happened. He's still glad that he was the one who was hit, the only thing he regrets is that he didn't cherish all of his memories and time together with Miya. He didn't even get to spend a long time with her yet he'll die now. As he is slowly fading away, fragments of memories flash in his memories, all of them were his time together with Miya. Only now he did realize that the time he spent with Miya is the happiest time of his life. Now he's cursing his self for being really an idiot, how can he only realize that now when everything's gone, when he didn't even have time left.

Just as when he was losing all his hope and breathing his last breath, a very loud sound of bells resonate in his ears together with a very bright light blinding his eyes. After a few minutes of adjusting he notice that he was in a different place, he knew that he should be in the hospital now after all the injury that he suffered and was on the verge of death but after looking in the place and scanning his body. He notices something strange, the place is like a vast place field of white color, no matter where you look, it's like a never-ending white surrounding. And there's not even a single scratch in his body. Before he can even process the whole situation, another sound resonates in the place just like a notification sound and with that, a large banner appears in front of him, and the word that was written on it was...


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