One Hundred-Forty-Seven

The next few weeks are filled with meeting after meeting, after meeting, I had no choice as I had to catch up on all the work that I didn't do while I was at King Malik's territory and working things out with Yasmine... I groan at the thought of her, her scent is slowly fading from our room I have however managed to keep a couple of pieces of her clothing separate and saturated with her scent so if the loneliness of the mate bond affects me too much it is there for me. We don’t really sleep much. I rest while Morpheus takes us out and we run the territory every night, taking care of any rogues that decide that they want to try to enter my territory.

I don't pay much attention as this meeting is the same as the one I had 4 hrs ago just for a different pack. My informants that Raphael sent out have all come back with locations of illegal sex and slave villages, one even stumbled on a breeding camp, he has inter-graded himself into the camp and is keeping Raphael up to date on any new in
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Derena Marie
I really hope in all his faking he doesn't make it appear he is with the pack slut. The kiss and lap thing already broke her.

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