One Hundred-Seventy-One

Raphael, Isaac, Zaire and Farris all look at me and nod before turning and walking out of the meeting room. Once outside, we meet up with our assigned extra warriors. I then shift into Morpheus and he lets out a loud,


Signalling to everyone to move out, everyone shifts and as soon as I start running, I can hear the pounding of paws behind me. I let out one last short ‘Howl’ and then it is silent, travelling for the next day and a half. When we get to the border of the HellFire pack, I stop about a mile so we are not seen by border patrols. I get a link from Raphael,

“Alpha, we have just made it to FireMoon’s East border. Isaac has moved around to the Northeast. We are just waiting on your go-ahead to enter.”

“Alpha, we are in position,” Zaire says.

“Isaac? What was the report on their shift changes?”

“During the day,

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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
glad you are enjoying it. he is doing a bit more then normal so as to not fall into the depression of one who goes too long without their mate..
goodnovel comment avatar
Derena Marie
Definitely enjoying it. I think I like his pov more.. Probably because more happens. looking forward to them going after the king
goodnovel comment avatar
At least give us a chapter ## of when to come back to her story, otherwise this is just a money grab…..

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