Remember to forget you
Remember to forget you
Author: bebeeizrael


   On a cold Christmas Eve, Alita's mother returned from the hospital with her father and a baby. If there was anything more precious to celebrate on Christmas Eve, it is the birth of a baby boy.

    "Honey, we are home" Alita's father declared openly.

   Alita was about to put the finishing touches on the Christmas tree when the door swing open, she dropped the last object, which was two doves, glued together.

    She ran into her father's open arms before she went to her mother, hugging her gently so she won't suffocate the baby she was carrying. She kissed the baby's face then smiled up at her mother.

   "Oh, my God mum" Alita squeak "I am the happiest person on earth".

    Her father chuckled then carried the bags inside, he refused to allow Alita help with anything as she had been working since they were at the hospital.

   Her cheeks dropped as she turned back to see the empty table, the dining table that seems to be constantly empty.

    "Dad?" Her voice became hoarse "Dad, i-".

   "It's okay Ali" Her father smiled as he brought out a rubber bag from the bags he was holding "Go set the table".

   Alita's mother was also surprised, she looked at her husband then her daughter who had the same expression on her face.

   "How come?" She stuttered "How did you-".

     She felt breathless as her husband began to fill the bowls and plates on the table with food. The sweet aroma of fresh food filled her nose, she quickly draw out a chair, with her baby firmly held in her dedicate hands.

   "I have failed to make the family happy," Alita's father said "At least, let me get my family a decent meal on Christmas eve". He dragged his chair out.

   Before he could seat, Alita jumped on him, she threw her hands over his neck and buried her face in his neck. She just held him still, not saying anything, just sniffing, trying to hold herself not to cry further.

    At least, she could have a day like a normal family. Where they won't have to eat dry bread and leftover pizzas from people she works for. She and her mother help people clean their house and get tips for them so they could be able to eat for the day.

   She was also extremely happy that it was no longer Springtime, if not, the whole room would be leaking and buckets around. The annoying sound of the dropping rain would obstruct her sleep till the next day. She would wet her already were pillow with her tears, praying to God, hopefully, a new page would be open.

    "Alright," Her father tapped her back "My baby doesn't have to cry".

   "I'm no longer a baby, Dad" She giggles.

  "Yes, you are" Her father began to tickle her "You are my big baby".

  "I am twelve daddy" Alita cracks up "My birthday is even tomorrow".

    Alita's parents exchange looks, her mother stood up slowly and went to drop the child on the only couch in the room. She stared at the baby for a while with pure love in her eyes before she walked back to Alita.

   "Alita Darling" She touches her soft black hair "We know about your birthday baby".

   Alita smiled sadly, she places her small palms on her mother's cheeks and smiled again, her smile was happy this time.

    "All I ask for is that you and dad, and my baby stay with me forever" Her mother smiled "you don't know how happy I am to be born on Christmas and my cute little baby on Christmas eve" She touch her chest "Is it a boy or girl?".

  Her mother chuckled and went back to her chair " It's a cute baby boy".

     Alita pretend to frown "Not fair daddy" She laughed "You now have a partner".

    "But you have mummy" Her father put a meatball in his mouth.

    "Yeah" Alita looked a little defeated "You know mummy is busy" she forced two meatballs in her mouth.

   "Be careful" her mother warned.

    "You still have your mother" her father mumbled with his mouth full.

   "I thought you said you love girls," Alita said with her mouth full, particles of food, flying out her small mouth.

   "Do not talk with your mouth full!" Her parents said in unison.

   Alita looked at their amused face and began to laugh, she laughed so much that the meal moved to the wrong side.

  Her mother quickly gave her a cup of water and she drank.

   "You know your mouth was full too. You need to see your expression, Daddy." She giggled "Your face was like hell".

   "Language!" Her mother warned.

  Alita covered her mouth, she acted like she sealed her lips with her fingers and threw the key away.

   "These are my girls" Her father burst into laughter.

   Alita just sat, eating slowly, weeks ago she was crying, she even begged Santa to give her family joy and that was what happen. Everyone appears so joyous, she could vouch the baby was happy too as he laid peacefully.

   "What are we going to name him, daddy" She clapped happily.

  "I will call him whatever Mummy calls him" He answered, staring at his wife with passion. He snatched the last meatball from Alita's plate "Meatballs!".

   Alita screamed, she tried to collect it but he ate it, with a pleased expression.

   "Gio" Her mother smiled looking at Alita "His name is Gio Roberto".

   The little girl stood up and began to clear the table, she was dancing all around, this fateful Christmas Eve is the happiest day of her existence.

   She was so happy that she forgot how cold she was, almost an hour ago, she was shivering, now here she is, dancing.

   "Shhhh!" Her father suddenly ordered, "There is someone around".

   Her parents exchange suspicious glances, They quickly gave the baby to Alita and pushed her to the room. Her father made sure she was wearing the only worn-out shoe she own.

    Her Dad opened a small box near the window and put her and her brother in. The box had never been used except that day.

   "No matter what happens Alita" Her father sniffed "Make sure you do not cry or scream. Runaway. Your mother and I will come to find you guys".

  Before he could finish talking, her mother walked in with the remaining food in a plastic bag. She placed her index finger in between her lips, removed her necklace then gave it to Alita.

     "I will come back for this" She held Alita's hair as she wore the cheap-looking necklace "There is a way back of here, just do not turn back".

     "What's going on mummy" Alita whimpered "Please tell me everything is alright".

  Her parents exchanged looks before her father walked out after getting a satisfying look from his wife. She kissed her children's faces before slowly closing the door of the box.

    " I won't lie to you, Alita" her mother's voice became faint "But I will try to keep you safe".

   Immediately her parents walked out, she stepped out of the box, tied the baby firmly to her body, and walked to the door. The door was ajar, she could notice seven strange faces all in a black expensive-looking suit except for a younger person who looks gentle in his blue sweat pants and white shirt.

   The person seemed to be the youngest, his jet black hair neatly gel into a nice style, his eyes were baby blue and sweet looking.

The lad with the blue eyes looked like a man, who appears to be the tallest in the room. His hair was styled backward and his blue eyes looked a little bit darker, his neck had the ink that Alita assume would be all about his body as she could see traces of the ink on the back of his palm.

     The tattoo was something she had seen that day but she couldn't just get to remember where she had seen it from. The image of two doves glued to themselves flashed again as she remembered where she saw it, it was the last object she was about to put on the tree before her father arrived.

   She saw her parents on their knees with the tallest man seating on their couch. The man looked like the leader and the younger one was his apprentice or son.

     "One simple task, Jay" the man called her family by his first name "Just give me back my money, you refused".

    Her father didn't say anything, he just looked at the man and removed his gaze slowly.

   The man became angry, he pulled Alita's mother by the hair and brought her close to his face. He stared deeply into her moist green eyes then smiled.

    "Casey Roberto" He intoned, he jerked at the woman's face and smirked at Alita's father who tried to get up but got hit on the head by the younger-looking man "That's my son" he smiled proudly.

   From where Alita hide, raw hate and pain were all she could feel. She wanted to go there and hit the boy back, she wanted to go to the landline and call the police but remember it hasn't been recharged since the last few months.

   She notices her father bleeding from his nose, mouth, and the back of his head. Her mother was just held tight, her face a few inches away from the boss's face.

   "Please leave her alone" Her father begged.

   "You know how much I hate to waste time, Jay," the man said as he pulled her mother's hair harder.

   Alita's mother cried as she tried to free herself. The boss brought her close to his face again and kissed her roughly, to Alita's surprise, her mother spat on his face.

   The man looked slowly at his son who hit her mother's head with the under of the gun.

   "I owe you nothing, Mr. Alonso" her father yelled "Hit me, beat me up, kill me if you want please let my wife go".

  Alita could see her father shaking, he was crying. Her mother moves slowly to the floor, she was so surprised and happy that she wanted to squeak, at least her mum is still alive.

   "I told you Jay" The man stood up "I either have the money or give me your daughter but unfortunately, you sent her to foster care".

    "Please Alonso" Alita's mother begged,  "Do not do this to us, you know we can not steal from you". She tried to seat up "The government took her away because we can't keep her healthy. My husband is saying the truth, how can we steal twenty billion dollars from you? we do not ha-".


    It sounded all of a sudden!

Alita stared at Mr. Alonso in shock as he kissed his gun. Her mother lay lifeless on the cold floor and all the man could do was kiss the gun!

   Alita's mother's eyes were open, still looking at her husband who was yelling and struggling to touch her. Her green eyes were still, watching as her husband cried and shout, begging her to blink.

   The bullet hole in her forehead seemed like the third eye.

   "Fuck!" Her father yelled, "What did you do Alonso? I fucking do not have your money, I will never steal from you, you son of a bitch".

   Alita was shaking, she noticed Mr. Alonso gave his son a strange look. The lad began to lift his gun gently with his shaking hands.


   " You fucking want your son to kill me too?" Her father yelled, "Fucking do it, you bastard!".

  "Do it son" The man said gently "Do it!".

    It felt like hell, Alita couldn't even look as she closed her eyes, hoping a miracle would happen. Then the sound came again, that loud gunshot, twice.

   She looked down to see her father lying in his pool of blood. His hands tied behind him, his eyes also open as his wife.

   She began to move back slowly, slowly that she hit something. All eyes snapped in her direction as the man's son rushed in her direction.

   She starred into the lad's blue eyes for what seemed like forever. She held the baby firmly, waiting for her last breath. The boy held the gun with his shaking hands, she also noticed he has the same dove tattoo at the back of his palm, the same place his father had his own.

   "Anything, Luciano" The man yelled.

   "All clear Father" the boy replied looking straight into her green eyes.

   Before the rest could reach, she had jumped out through the window and hide inside the trash can, Waiting patiently and terrified.

   Even after she was sure they had all gone, she stayed still, breathing heavily as the blue eyes of the young boy haunted her.

   The blue eyes she would never forget, the blue eyes that made her an orphan. The blue eyes that lead her into the unseen evil world!

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