Chapter 6


   Gio burst into Alita's room without knocking, she didn't seem to notice first as she was lying fast asleep in the bathtub.

   "Sorella?!" Gio seems unsure of what she was still doing in the bathtub, with a plaster on her left forearm, her body looks like a healing bruise, and her eyes are dark like she hasn't been sleeping for days.

    Something brought back his morals as he quickly placed his right palm over his open wide eyes and turned back.

    "Alita!?" He waited for a few seconds but nothing, he got pissed and worried. He took in a deep breath, closed his eyes, and yelled.


  Like someone running out of a terrible nightmare, Alita screamed and woke up, she looked around confused then covered her body with a her rope, the one she kept beside the tub always.

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