Chapter 3 - Cassidy

I swear to god I am going to kill Collin Cole. I don’t know why he pisses me off this much. He’s annoyed me the last two years I’ve gone to this school. But it’s like he’s upped his game today. And touching me is the damn last straw. 

I don’t believe in the bullshit of boys tugging girls’ hair because they like them. My moms raised me to know the difference between friend and foe. And anyone that hurts you, be it physically or emotionally, isn’t your friend. And my one mom taught me to stand up for myself and others. 

And I swear if it weren’t for Mrs. Graham and not wanting detention, I’d have laid his ass out. As she returned to the front of the room, I glared at Collin. “Keep it up fuckwad, and you’ll find yourself in a full-body cast.” I whispered growled before turning back around in my chair.

I wrapped my ponytail up into a bun to ensure he couldn’t touch my hair. “Always with the cutting words and threats of violence. You know if I didn’t know better, Red, I’d think you got the hots for me.” Collin whispered. I wrinkled my nose holding my hand over my mouth. That thought made me want to throw up my lunch.

I clench my jaw as I wait for the bell to ring. I don’t want to get in more trouble. And thankfully, the bell rings. I’m in no a rush to get to Physics, but I am in a rush to get away from Collin. I hurry to grab my books. 

“Miss Summers, wait right there.” Mrs. Graham called out, stopping me in my tracks. I groaned. What does the old crone want?

She’s not one to stop people to give praise, and I haven’t gotten less than an A on any assignments. So unless this is about the incident with Collin, and I really hope that subject was dropped, I don’t know what her deal is.

“Yes, Mrs. Graham?” I forced a smile on my lips. “Get back here, Mister Cole.” Mrs. Graham pointed her boney finger at him and gestured to him to stand by her desk too. Oh crap. She’s not going to let it go. If I get detention, my moms are going to kill me. 

“Yes, ma’am?” Collin put on the polite, nice boy routine. So fake. “Mrs. Graham, if this is about earlier. Perhaps Collin should be reminded of the basic rule of keeping his hands to himself. I am within my right to define my body from unwanted touches.” I spoke up because I just wanted to nip this shit in the bud now.

Mrs. Graham rolled her eyes. “I miss the days when I was allowed to swat children with a ruler for misbehaving. You both would have knuckles redder than your hair. Alas, we have to be politically correct and all that these days. Now your personal issues are not my concern or why I asked you to stay behind.” she sighed.

I stopped myself from rolling my eyes. God, I hate crotchety old bitches like this. Missing the ‘good ole days’ when she could get away with abusing children. Fuck I wonder if my moms realized we had our own Argus Filch teaching math.

I can just imagine her saying, ‘A pity they let the old punishments die. Was a time detention would find you hanging by your thumbs in the dungeons. God, I miss the screaming.’ I had to stifle a laugh at the thought. It really did fit her, though. 

“Right. What a shame that they passed laws making it illegal for teachers to abuse students.” Collin smiled. His sarcasm was not lost on Mrs. Graham as she glared at him over her glasses.

“I recommend minding your tongue, Mister Cole. Your mother contacted the school about tutoring because your grades are so abysmal.” She snorted, pushing her glasses up her nose.

I covered my mouth with my hand to cover up my snort. Of course, the asshole isn’t doing well in this class. “As amusing as it is to find out Collin’s doing badly in this class, I fail to see how this is my problem or a subject you should be discussing with me.”  I cleared my throat. 

“Oh, it matters because you are, regretfully, the best student I have. And Mrs. Cole asked for my recommendation for who would be best adapted in tutoring someone. I gave her your name. And after she spoke with Principal Walters, he volunteered you to tutor Mister Cole. Apparently, Mrs. Cole threatened to pull her son from the basketball team if his grades don’t approve.” Mrs. Graham shrugged.

“Personally, I could care less if he passes or fails. His eligibility to play sports is not my concern.” Mrs. Graham sighed. All the color drained from my face. “Oh no. Fuck no. Walters can kiss my pasty white ass.” I shook my head over and over. 

“How do you think I feel? I don’t want to spend more time with you than our overlapping classes require.” Collin grumbled. “Miss Summers, you will watch your language. A young lady shouldn’t spew such profanities.” Mrs. Graham raised her grizzled old voice. 

“I’m sorry that my use of profanities offends your delicate sensibilities. But this is crap, and you know it. I refuse to tutor this subhuman species that lacks enough neurons to even form a synapse. And I’ll be sure Walters knows that too.” I scoffed, storming out. “Suit yourself, Miss Summers.” I faintly heard Mrs. Graham as I left.

“Wait… wait…” Collin called out, chasing after me. “Red! Wait! Please!” he rushed to get in front of me using his size to box me in. I glared up at him as he pinned my back to a wall. “Get out of my personal space before you lose an appendage.” I snarled. 

I have had enough of his shit. He quickly backed off, covering his crotch with both hands. I scoffed. Like, he really needs both hands to cover what I can only assume needs a microscope to find. “Stay. The. FUCK. Away from me.” I threatened him as I ducked into my Physics class, where he couldn’t follow me.

Just two more periods. I have to get through Physics and Psychology. Maybe my psychology class will offer some insight into what kind of mental issues Collin and Principal Walters have to think it’s okay to decide shit for me. Walters was so going to get an earful from me about this. How dare he!

I was fuming through my last two classes. I dodged Collin yet again and went straight to the office. “Where is he?” I demanded of Mrs. Clark. The receptionist blinked at me as she slipped on her jacket.

“Where is who, Miss Summers?” she sighed. “Walters. Where is that pompous piece of shit that thinks he gets to volunteer me to tutor shitheads like Collin Cole?” I slammed my fist on the counter. 

Mrs. Clark rolled her eyes. “Will you not take your anger out on my desk? Principal Walters has already left for the day. You can speak to him in the morning.” She suggested picking up her purse.

“Mother fucker…” I grumbled, stopping myself from hitting her desk again. “You can bet your ass I’ll be here tomorrow before homeroom. That fuck is going to pay.” I snorted and stormed out of the office. 

I can’t believe that fucker. I was still livid as I started for my bus. I wasn’t paying attention as I ran into the back of the bane of my existence, Collin Cole.

“We meet again, Red.” He grinned down at me. “Fuck yourself.” I grumbled and shoved past him only to find a crowd had gathered.

I furrowed my brow as I looked to see what the fuss was about. Jane and her crew of dumb bitches were messing with the new girl. I remember seeing her on the bus this morning and in my art class.

It’s… Riko something. Looks like the rumors are true that she got herself on the wrong side of Jane when Frost dumped her ass. I went to shove through and offer some help.

I am used to shutting Jane and her gang up. But before I could, the Frost triplets, all three of those fuckers, stepped in as Jane tried to get out of trouble and get Riko into trouble instead. 

I winched because this was not going to go well. The brothers getting involved isn’t going to make anything better. It’s just going to make it worse. Jane will see it as another reason to bully Riko. But I can’t exactly speak up now. Not as Riko made her choice, letting the brothers lead her away to their car. 

Jane and Grace were bitching and talking shit about that poor new girl the whole bus ride home. God, I hate these girls. As I stormed off the bus, I made sure my bag slammed into Jane’s head. “Ooops. Sorry. Not like it hurts, your head is empty after all.” I smirked.

James rolled his eyes and grabbed my arm. “Do you have to start trouble?” He questioned as he tugged me off the bus. “You bet. Sorry, did you miss the memo that I got mom’s attitude?” I cocked my head at him as we headed for the house. 

“I just wish I had a normal sister.” James grumbled as he dumped his bag. “And I wish I had a brother that is a liberal who understands we live in the twenty-first century where women aren’t objects and that men who treat them as such are scum, not friends.” I countered, tossing my things down.

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