Chapter 15 - Collin

The meeting with Cassidy actually went better than I expected it to. She didn’t kill me, and other than threatening, neither did her mom. It was strangely nice chilling in her living room. There wasn’t the usual animosity that she threw my way at school.

We actually had a good talk. And Cassidy did make some good points. I should try talking to my parents about dropping the class. Why am I wasting my senior year taking a class I hate and don’t need? 

Another study hall would be more helpful, or I could take Psychology. That might actually be useful in what I want to do. I’m actually thinking about taking child psychology classes in college. I mean, I want to work with kids, so it would be beneficial. 

So as we sat down for dinner, I decided to take her advice, sans telling them to shove anything up their asses. “So, did you manage to get a tutoring schedule in place with Cassidy?” Mom questioned as she served up eggp


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